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Price updates

Changes to energy charges in Victoria

Around the start of the calendar year, Momentum traditionally reviews its energy charges. Sometimes, these energy charges are updated to reflect distributor costs that relate to maintaining the distribution network (e.g. power lines or gas pipes) that bring electricity or gas to your property, as well as government environmental schemes, and in some instances to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for electricity or changes in wholesale gas prices.

Click here for our fees and charges, or here if you want to understand more about the network and environmental costs.

How often do prices change?

Traditionally, Momentum reviews its energy charges for its current Victorian customers annually - around the start of the calendar year. Prices don't necessarily change as a result of this review, but if they do, you will be notified of the variations to the energy charges for your home or business.

Your Momentum prices may sometimes change at other times, depending on your specific circumstances - for example, where you begin a new supply term under your Momentum contract.

Why have electricity prices changed in 2017?

Changes to Momentum's electricity rates generally reflect changes in distributor costs relating to maintaining the distribution network (e.g. power lines) that bring electricity to your home or business, as well as government environmental schemes and in some instances the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Residential customers:

We are pleased to confirm that our residential customers on a current Market Offer (other than a special partnership offer, and customers with no minimum or supply term) will not experience any variation in 2017 to their existing electricity usage or daily rates, until their current supply term (or minimum term) ends.

We will separately write to customers prior to the end of their current supply term to advise of any new rates that may apply.

Business customers:

Some of our customers will be impacted by changes to demand charges. If you are one of these customers we will write to update you about these changes and how they relate to your account.

Why have gas prices changed in 2017?

Changes this year to our gas prices are mainly due to increases in wholesale gas prices. Most of our residential and business customers have experienced an increase in gas prices, and we will send you a letter in early 2017 that sets out the price change.

For residential customers, the letter will include an estimate of the average weekly cost impact of the price change, based on typical homes in your area.

How do I know when my prices are going to change?

We will write to let you know about these changes.

Where do I find more information about the new electricity demand charges for businesses that are being introduced on 1 January 2017?

Click here to find out more about demand charges.

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