Your Energy Toolbox - Online Self Service & eBilling 24/7

Manage your electricity account online 24/7

Your Toolbox is a secure online self-service portal. It's a simple tool to help you manage your own electricity account. It's easy-to-use and available online 24/7. Login here

Your Toolbox is available to all residential and small to medium business customers, regardless of where you live. We also offer online solutions to large businesses over 160mWh – please contact your account manager for more information.

Your Toolbox allows you to:

  • Edit your account details,
  • Register for direct debit using your credit card,
  • Add an account contact,
  • View past payments,
  • Download past bills...and

Switch to paperless billing.

Switch to paperless billing via Your Toolbox today. No more paper invoices cluttering up your mailbox and a more sustainable world. That’s something to smile about. Simply register for your Toolbox, log on, and change your delivery setting.

According to, if the average household switches to electronic invoices for just one year is would save:

  • 2.7 kilograms of paper
  • 10.4 kilograms of wood 
  • the production of 13.2 kilograms of greenhouse gases