Bulk solution
with bulk savings.

With an embedded network, all your building’s power needs come through a single meter (the gate meter), which lets us purchase energy at bulk prices for the entire site.

We then connect a separate smart meter for each tenancy, so individual consumption can be measured accurately.

Bulk solution with bulk savings

Who can benefit from an embedded network?

  • Apartment buildings
  • Retirement villages
  • Shopping centres
  • Commercial and industrial parks
  • Commercial office buildings

Everyone is taken care of

Everyone is taken care of.

  • We install regulator-approved smart meters for each tenant, so you save yourself the paperwork and costs involved in each installation.
  • You’ll save the time and money involved in providing compliant retail services to your tenants (who can then either choose us or another retailer of their choice).
  • We also make all necessary arrangements with the local electricity distributor on your behalf.

Why Momentum Energy?

Take a weight off your shoulders.

The compliance obligations linked to the retail element of your embedded network can be costly and complex.

As one of the few Nationally Accredited Embedded Network Managers that also operates as an energy retailer, we’re already set up to take care of those obligations. That includes managing tenant credit risks and bad debt exposure.

Support a sustainable future.

We're proud to be owned by Australia's largest generator of renewable energy, Hydro Tasmania. So by choosing Momentum, you’re helping to support Australian renewables.

Enjoy real customer care.

Our experience looking after hundreds of thousands of customers means you get peace of mind knowing your tenants will get the support they need.

We organise billing, discuss flexible payment options if needed and provide ongoing care from our Australia-based customer care team.

Get ongoing support.

You’ll have a dedicated relationship manager for the duration of your contract. They can provide support and consultation on ways to reduce your building’s electricity costs long-term.

Where to start.

Whatever the nature of your site, get in touch so we can find an arrangement to suit your needs. Call David Clifford on 0467 026 236 to get started.