Is Bill Boss the right plan for me?

We hope so. Bill Boss is our middle-of-the-road plan – a bit of a people pleaser. It’s got paper-free billing, which means you save a little on service costs (and trees), but still get to choose the payment and support options that suit you.

Rather than quarterly billing, you’ll get monthly electricity bills and bi-monthly gas bills, to limit bill shock in high-usage periods. And if it suits you to make smaller payments more regularly, you can set that up too.

Not to mention, you’ll be buying your energy from an Aussie-owned, renewable-friendly power company. Double credit to you.

 Energy Plan in Victoria

Welcome Credit

How do I get the credit?

So long as you’re eligible, we’ll give you two $50 (GST incl) credits – one on your first electricity bill, and one on your first gas bill. To be eligible, you must be a new customer, or an existing customer signing up another property.

Note: We won’t apply the credit to a final bill, so if your service is cancelled before all the credit has been applied, you’ll miss out on any that’s remaining.

You can see the Bill Boss T&Cs here and the welcome credit T&Cs here.

Fact sheets available at For clear advice on the right plan for you, contact us on 1800 794 824.