Geelong Cats members, this deal’s for you.

Get special rates when you back the company that backs the Cats.

Our Cats member offer rates are lower than our generally available SmilePower Flexi rates at the time of sign up. (Just keep in mind that like any new customer rates, these tend to change more often than rates for existing customers.) They’re available to people living in VIC, NSW or SA.

The need-to-knows:

  • You’ll need to get all your bills/correspondence by email and pay by direct debit.
  • If you’re already a Momentum customer, give us a call on 1300 662 778 to switch to our Cats offer.
  • The basic plan information document (BPID) is here (or upon request). It contains all the key details about the offer.

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Why choose Momentum Energy?

Back your team
Back your team.

We’re into our tenth year of powering the Cats, and we’re the company lighting up your home ground.

Be for Aussies.

Like a bit of dead horse on a meat pie, we’re 100% Aussie (with call centres in Melbourne and Hobart).

Customer service
Get real customer service.

We’re number one for customer satisfaction for natural gas in VIC, and dual fuel nationwide, according to Canstar Blue.

Support renewables.

Because we’re owned by Hydro Tasmania – Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy.


Can I still get your $50 (GST incl) sign up credit?
Yep. For every new supply point you connect on the offer, you’ll get the $50 (GST incl) Welcome Bonus (as long as you sign up on our website).

What happens if I’m not a member anymore?
No probs, we can move you to another rate. If you don’t renew your membership, get in touch and we’ll put you on another offer.

What if rates go down after I sign up?
Get in touch with us and we’ll see if there’s a better deal for you.

Basic Plan Information Document (BPID) is available here or upon request. The BPID is an information sheet that contains all the key details about a plan.

You should also know that Special Terms apply to these rates in addition to our Market Retail terms.

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