We’ve loved every minute of Cats footy this year, but there were some moments that made us happier than most. So just before we start gearing up for finals, let’s go back in time to some of the ripper moments that got us here.

Goalless Pies

Sure, everyone loves to beat Collingwood, but there’s something extra sweet about watching them kick exactly zero goals for 56 minutes.

And just because it wouldn’t feel right to leave it at that, Parfitt came through with a 30-disposal, 5-clearance performance while Cameron, Stanley and Hawkins banded together to boot three majors in 6 minutes. Bloody. Lovely.

Mitch Duncan’s barrel

It’s a good day at the office when you kick a career-high 4 goals in a game. But it’s the way Duncan did it that really made us happy.

Because when he found himself with a free kick at the half-time siren, he gave us something to remember: from outside 50, just about on the boundary, he graced our eyeballs with a 60m torpedo.

Oh, and you’re right. We did win by 97 points that day.

THAT Rohan goal

There’s 60 seconds to go, the Dogs are up by a point and the ball’s just sailed into their forward 50. A pack goes up, no one takes it and it floats into Dangerfield’s hands instead. He kicks it up the boundary. Selwood loses his feet but punches it further upfield with the accuracy of an Olympic volleyballer.

Dangerfield gets a handball receive and boots it to the top of the 50-metre arc but it’s in Bulldogs hands again. The ball spills out into an empty midfield.

Enter Guthrie. To Smith. To a lone Rohan, waiting in the pocket, 45m from goal.

The siren goes.

The kick is good.

Beating Richmond. Twice.

Victory is sweet. Victory against the team that beat you in the Grand Final the year before is sweeter. Doing it twice? Well.

In their first clash, we gave the Tigers a sniff - probably just for a bit of fun before booting 7 straight after the half time break to win by a conclusive 63 points. It was a smaller margin the second time around, but when you’re keeping the reigning premiers to 2 goals at half time, you’ve got a lot to be happy about.

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