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We believe in sustainability and are committed to helping you understand and control your energy use.

To request a copy of your electricity meter data and a summary report (containing data for up to the last two years), please send us a request via our Contact Us form, choosing the Request Meter Data option.

Be sure to include your NMI, account number and date of birth in the email message. This will help us identify you and resolve your request efficiently.

We know that the energy industry can be confusing and meter data is no exception. That's why we have prepared the following guide that will help you interpret the information we provide to you. Alternatively, feel free to call our friendly customer care teams.

Guide to interpret an interval meter data report
Guide to interpret a basic meter data report

Request by Authorised Representatives

Third parties that have received customer consent can request access to the applicable customer's meter data by downloading and completing the below forms and emailing them to

Each request can include a maximum of 100 customer accounts. Note that Momentum may charge a processing fee to cover our administrative costs of meeting your request. If applicable we will advise you prior to processing your request.

Warranty and indemnity form
Email request template

When requested, customer meter data is sent according to the regulated Metering Data Provision Procedures from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) in the required NEM12 (Interval meter) or NEM13(basic meter) formats.

For more information about these data formats, the AEMO Metering Data Provision Procedures are available online.

The warranty and indemnity form is required for Momentum to process your request and Letters of Authority will not be accepted in lieu of the warranty and indemnity form.

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SmilePower is audited by an external agency. It's a verified product so you can rest assured that we'll match the electricity you use with the generation of renewable energy.

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