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Canstar Blue AwardsTo connect your service with us, some additional costs may apply. See Your 'Energy Fact Sheets' and 'Basic Plan Information Documents' against the energy plan you have chosen for more details. For next business day connection, give us your move details by 1pm and we’ll connect you on the next business day if safe to do so. Momentum Energy also has Standing Offers that are available to you. Please call 1800 627 228 for further details.

*How we calculate the estimated costs of electricity and gas plans where we don’t have actual usage data:

First, we identify a large sample of customers with similar households in areas like yours. We then add their annual energy costs and divide the total by the number of customers in our sample. This gives us an average annual energy cost per household, upon which we base the quarterly or monthly estimate. A month is calculated using 31 days and a quarter is calculated using 92 days, and seasonal differences are not taken into account in providing the estimate. Any product discounts are reflected in the estimated cost, but any welcome credit or sign up bonus is not included. **Solar Step-Up is only available to Victorian households and small to medium businesses who’ve already installed a solar PV system with a generating capacity of 10kW or less, and are on a single-rate feed-in tariff under the standard Victorian solar scheme.