In these Extra Product Terms:

  • New Contract means a Market Contract that is your first Market Contract with us for the relevant Supply Address and for the relevant fuel (electricity or gas).
  • First Bill means the first bill issued to you by Momentum Energy after you enter into the relevant Market Contract.
  • Welcome Credit means $50.00 (GST incl).

  1. To be eligible for the Welcome Credit:
    (a) you must sign up to a New Contract; and
    (b) the relevant Market Contract must not end before the First Bill is issued.
  2. The Welcome Credit will be applied:
    (a) to each Market Contract entered into in accordance with clause 1; and
    (b) as an offset against the Charges on the First Bill (subject to clauses 3 and 4).
  3. If the Charges on the First Bill are less than the Welcome Credit, we’ll carry over the Welcome Credit balance to your subsequent bill(s), excluding a final bill. If the New Contract ends before you’ve incurred Charges to the value of the Welcome Credit, you’ll forfeit the Welcome Credit balance.
  4. We won’t apply the Welcome Credit as an offset against the Charges on a final bill, or pay it as a refund, or transfer any Welcome Credit balance to another Supply Address under any circumstances.