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Try the switch and save with business solar

Momentum Energy can help your business run more efficiently with our solar energy efficiency solutions. We’re here to help you understand your current business impact and ways you can reduce it.

Solar for your business

One of the services Momentum Energy provides is solar, which can make a difference to your energy spend and to the environment.

Why should your business invest in solar PV?

It’s a fact that electricity prices have increased in the last few years resulting in increased operating expenses for businesses. On the other hand, the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems has decreased considerably1, driven by increased production levels and Government subsidies and rebates. Together, these facts make solar an increasingly attractive option for businesses – both large and small.

As an energy retailer, we are experts in electricity and energy supply. We can assess your electricity usage and help you choose the right system for your business. By installing a solar PV system, you have the ability to offset some of your electricity usage and protect yourself against any future electricity price rises.

On top of that, Momentum has various payment options where you maybe able to install solar without paying a cent up front! An investment in a Momentum solar system can provide a sound financial return2.


  1. Clean Energy Council, Guide to Installing Solar PV for Business and Industry, February 2014.
  2. Subject to cost of current electricity supply to the site and system sizing.

More than just sunshine

  • We use high quality solar products, components and services from leading suppliers.
  • The manufacturers guarantee ensures your solar panels will still be producing more than 80% of their rated capacity after 25 years.
  • We deliver our systems utilising specially selected solar solution providers.
  • Momentum’s providers have a proven track record of successful solar installations (PV and Hot Water). Overall, our providers have delivered in excess of 45,000 installations nation-wide.

Go solar with Momentum

  • Reduce your energy use while also reducing your impact on the environment.
  • Receive quality solar products and services sourced by an energy expert.
  • Hedge against any electricity price increases in the future.
  1. Momentum Energy will provide feed-in tariffs in line with the minimum retailer contribution in your state. A feed-in tariff contract is separate from your energy supply contract or solar PV system purchase contract.
  2. Note that grid-connected solar power is for areas with existing, affordable access to the main electricity grid. Our solar PV systems are not able to provide backup power during blackouts or emergencies.

Upgrade your business solar in 6 easy steps

At Momentum we deliver a seamless customer experience that is simple and cost effective. We make the upgrade process easy.


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