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Momentum is a 100% Australian-owned provider of clean, renewable energy.

Why choose Momentum

Renewable energy

Momentum Energy isn’t like most energy companies. For starters, we think generating power doesn’t have to generate pollution. And that’s why we have one of the cleanest dual fuel offerings in the market.

Affordable energy

Momentum is backed by Hydro Tasmania, generating renewable energy from wind and rain. And since that just falls from the sky, we also generate some very affordable bills.

Australian energy

Unlike certain energy companies, Momentum is 100% Australian owned and operated. Meaning your money stays in Australia for the benefit of Australians.

Online bonus

Get up to $100 welcome credit for switching online

Replace your halogen lights with LED lights.
For free.

*Eligibility criteria apply

Win a trip to the UK to watch Manchester City FC live.

Flights and accommodation included.

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