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when you switch your gas and electricity online (VIC & NSW only)

Why choose Momentum?

We support renewable energy

Momentum Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy.

We're passionate about renewable energy and our customers can feel good knowing that by buying our SmilePower product, you’re helping to support our renewable energy parent company.

Great rates, straight up

With Momentum Energy, we try to keep everything simple. Even our pricing.

We offer great rates straight up, with no confusing discounts and no exit fees.

We're Australian owned and operated

Momentum is 100% Australian owned and operated. Meaning your money stays in Australia for the benefit of Australians.

We have no international call centres or services, so when you call us, you speak with our locally based team.

A little momentum goes a long way

However you use energy, at Momentum we believe you should feel good about it
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$100 online signup bonus

Switch to Momentum online to receive up to $100 welcome credit

Powerful Youth Projects

Momentum Energy supports Landcare Australia's Junior Landcare Grants

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