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Renewable Energy

Momentum Energy is proudly owned by Australia's largest generator of clean energy, Hydro Tasmania. Together we’re leading the way to a sustainable future.


SmilePower is our flagship clean energy product. For every bit of power you use, the equivalent amount of renewable energy is fed directly into the National Electricity Market by our parent company, Hydro Tasmania.

This is what sets us apart from other retailers in Australia. You can smile, knowing you’ve chosen a clean energy source. Not only that, but you'll get our affordable rates and friendly local service. Call 1800 794 824 to find out more or get a quote online within minutes.


State governments around Australia run the GreenPower accreditation program for renewable energy. You can choose GreenPower by signing up to our standing offer rates. Through this, you can choose the percentage of your power supply you would like to offset. Momentum Energy will source GreenPower from Hydro Tasmania, who in turn will source it from a number of locations including (but not limited to) Waterloo Wind Farm and Parangana mini hydro.

What’s the difference?

Wind, solar and hydro generators built before 1997 produce renewable energy, but are not part of the GreenPower program. This means SmilePower can't be considered GreenPower, because it comes from the systems that have been powering Tasmania for the past hundred years.

Read our renewable energy blog posts to find out more about clean energy, or watch this two-minute video for a quick run down:

Cheap rates. Clean energy.

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Product Assurance to make you Smile

SmilePower is audited by an external agency. It's a verified product so you can rest assured that we'll match the electricity you use with the generation of renewable energy.