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Why choose Momentum Energy?

Here's seven solid reasons why you should switch to Momentum Energy today.

1. Competitive rates and transparent discounts

At Momentum Energy we like things to be transparent. That's why we offer competitive rates with no confusing discounts. We do offer sensible discounts for choosing electronic bills and Direct Debit payments to minimise the paperwork and fuss.

2. Australian owned & operated locally

We believe in supporting the Australian economy and we're as local as it gets. We have no international call centres or services, so when you call us you speak with our locally based team. And Momentum Energy is 100% Australian owned and operated, meaning your money stays in Australia for the benefit of Australians.

3. We support renewable energy

Momentum Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy. We are passionate about renewable energy and our customers can feel good knowing that by buying our SmilePower product, you’re helping to support our renewable energy parent company.

4. Customers come first, for real

The big difference you'll notice about Momentum Energy is that you come first. And we're not just saying it, every Momentum customer enjoys quick response times from our award winning local Customer Care team. We're also constantly looking for smarter ways to help with your energy needs and working in the background to help households and businesses save energy.

5. Flexible payment options

While we like to keep our plans simple, you can choose payment options that work for you. We also offer monthly billing for electricity - a great way to stay in control of your budget. Just ask us.

6. Peace of mind- we're not going anywhere

While we deliver the great service you'd expect from a smaller retailer, Momentum Energy offers you confidence because we're backed by Australia's largest generator of renewable energy, Hydro Tasmania. They've been a hydro-electricity business for more than 100 years so they really know their stuff.

7. The convenience of one retailer for Gas and Electricity in Victoria

While you may have been aware Momentum Energy retails electricity, we also retail natural gas in Victoria. Natural gas is used for heating and for cooking in the majority of Victorian homes*, as well as being used by businesses for industrial machinery and heating. Victorian natural gas is mainly sourced from conventional off-shore gas reserves**.

This provides Victorians with the flexibility - and convenience - of a single energy retailer for supply of their electricity or gas. You can sign up for:

  • Both electricity and gas at once
  • Natural gas
  • Electricity, such as our SmilePower product.

If at sign up you choose only gas, or electricity - it's all good. You have the option to sign up for the other fuel at any time. Flexibility - it's about having options that best suit you.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2012
**Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

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