How much do we offset?

If you’re signed up to SmilePower electricity, absolutely everything. At the moment that’s more than a billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy a year between all our SmilePower customers. The (other) best bit? You don’t pay any extra for it.

Get behind a good thing.

The real choice you make when you’re looking at energy suppliers isn’t about where your energy comes from (spoiler: always the same place) it’s about where your money goes.

With us, it’s into the growth of our parent company Hydro Tasmania – the largest generator of renewable energy in the country. And when we say ‘in the country’ we really mean it – we’re 100% Aussie-owned.

Renewable energy generator - Hydro Tasmania

Solar energy

Get more for solar, too.

If you’re already producing renewable energy with solar, we take our hat off to you (but only briefly, on account of the sun).

Our promise to solar users is that if you’re on our Solar Step-Up plan, you’ll get a better feed-in tariff than the Victorian Government minimum until at least June 2020.

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You use the energy, we offset it. Easy.

We know that getting behind alternative energy isn’t always straightforward, which is why we offer SmilePower.

If you’re on a SmilePower plan, we make sure every bit of energy you use gets offset with an equivalent amount from renewable energy sources.

  • TickSupports Australian renewables
  • TickElectricity offset included in the price
  • TickStraightforward bills
Energy plan

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What's your relationship with Hydro?

Hydro Tasmania is Australia's largest renewable energy generator. We're 100% owned by Hydro, who purchased Momentum so they could expand into energy retailing. In 2010 Hydro launched the Hydro Tasmania Group which includes Momentum and Entura, who consult on renewable projects around the world.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy from renewable sources that are replenished frequently enough to be considered renewable such as wind, water and sun. It's also known as green energy.

Read more about renewable energy.

What is SmilePower?

SmilePower is our main electricity plan. We make sure that for every bit of energy our SmilePower customers use, an equivalent amount of clean, renewable energy is added to the grid.

Read more about where we fit into the renewable story.