You use the energy, we match it with renewables.

Most of our home and small business plans come with a renewable promise. It means that however much electricity you use, we’ll make sure the same amount of clean, renewable energy gets added to the grid.

Get behind a good thing.

The real choice you make when you’re looking at power companies isn’t about where your energy comes from (which is always same place – you probably know it as ‘the grid’) – it’s about where your money goes.

With us, it’s into the growth of our parent company Hydro Tasmania – they’re the largest generator of renewable energy in Australia and backed by the Tassie government. Hydro and Momentum are both Australian-owned and operated, so you’re supporting Aussie jobs too.

Renewable energy generator - Hydro Tasmania

Solar energy

Be a solar high roller.

If you’re producing renewable energy with solar at home or in your small business, you deserve more than just a (sun) salute.

So our promise to Victorian solar users is that if you’re on our Solar Step-Up plan, you’ll get a better feed-in tariff than the Victorian Government minimum till at least June 2021.


Go one greener with GreenPower.

If you want to step up your green game even more, you can also add GreenPower to your plan. GreenPower is the government-accredited program that lets us buy renewable energy on your behalf.

Buying GreenPower means adding a little extra on top of your power bill to support new renewable energy projects in Australia. Get the full story on GreenPower here.

  • Tick Add as much or as little as you like
  • Tick Reduce your home or business’s environmental impact
  • Tick Warm, green fuzzies guaranteed
Renewable energy

Ready for some feel good energy?


What's your relationship with Hydro?

Hydro Tasmania is Australia's largest renewable energy generator. We're 100% owned by Hydro, who purchased Momentum so they could expand into energy retailing. In 2010 Hydro launched the Hydro Tasmania Group which includes Momentum and Entura, who consult on renewable projects around the world.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is a government program that lets power companies buy renewable energy on a customer’s behalf. It was designed to give Aussies a straightforward way of investing in renewables by adding a nominated contribution directly to their power bills.

You can read more about GreenPower on their website.

Momentum Energy is an approved provider under the National GreenPower Accreditation Program. You can read more about buying GreenPower through Momentum here.

What’s the difference between GreenPower and Momentum’s renewable promise?

GreenPower is all about investing in new renewable projects. For it to be eligible for GreenPower, your power company has to buy energy from a renewable generator built after 1997.

But some of the renewable energy we buy is from our parent company Hydro Tasmania – and their generators have been operating for more than a hundred years, which means the energy we buy from them doesn’t count as GreenPower.

So we made a renewable promise instead – if your plan has it, we match your usage with an equivalent amount of renewable energy generated by Hydro Tasmania or another renewable generator. An external agency audits our renewable promise every year. Their most recent audit is here.

Another key difference between GreenPower and our renewable promise is that GreenPower allows your home or business to formally claim that some, or all (depending on the percentage you choose to buy) of your electricity has been offset with renewables.