Flood-support for Momentum customers

24 March 2021

It’s been heartbreaking to see the damage caused by storms and floods along Australia’s east coast over the past few weeks.

To all Momentum customers impacted by this disaster, please know we have financial support available for energy bills, that you may be eligible for.

When you’re ready, please get in touch.

You’ll speak to people who’ve been trained to help in difficult situations. They can talk you through the relief that’s available and work with you to set up the right kind of practical financial help for your circumstances.

Naturally, this may be a difficult time for you to get in touch with us in person. If it’s easier for you, we’re very happy for a friend, family member or support person to speak to us on your behalf – as long as we first get your consent.

You can reach us online or over the phone:

Other resources

Practical help for flood-affected communities:

VIC – VicEmergency Relief and Recovery
NSW – NSW Disaster Assistance
NSW – Small business flood and storm support
QLD – Queensland natural disaster assistance
National – Services Australia – flood support
National – Disaster recovery payment

Flood warnings and alerts:

VIC – emergency.vic.gov.au/respond
QLD – disaster.qld.gov.au/warnings
NSW – bom.gov.au/nsw/warnings
National – ABC Emergency

Twitter alerts:

NSW State Emergency Service
NSW Bureau of Meterology
VIC Emergency
QLD Fire and Emergency
QLD Bureau of Meterology