Power to the EV owners

You’re supporting the planet by choosing an EV over a petrol or diesel car (source). So, we want to support you with a great electricity deal and lower off-peak rates (with a time-of-use tariff). If you’re unsure what tariff you’re on, we can find out and help you switch if you need.

And if you’re new to the EV scene, have a read of the EV charging at home guide for some more at-home charging tips.

Electric vehicle owners supporting the planet

Evie electric vehicle plan voucher

One for the road, on us

Picture your next road trip: windows down, breeze blowing through your hair, and a voucher to recharge your ride. When you sign up to our EV Does It plan, you’ll score a $100 (GST inc.) Evie public charging voucher on sign up to use while you’re hitting the open road. That’s around 4-5 charges, depending on your type of car and battery percentage at time of charge (source).

EVIE Networks is Australia's leading public fast-charging network. With hundreds of charging stations across every state and territory, getting from A to B is easy with Evie.

Buckled up and ready to go?

To start, you’ll need an EV or plug-in hybrid vehicle (bit of a no-brainer). Then, all you have to do is click below and we’ll get you signed up. And make sure you’ve got your vehicle rego number handy.

If you’re already a Momentum customer on a different plan and want to switch to our EV plan, head into MyAccount. Or give our people a call on 1300 662 778 and let them know we sent you.

No EV? No worries. Save this link for later when you’ve got the keys in your hot little hands, and we’ll sort you out then. In the meantime, check out our other great energy plans.

Sign up to our electric vehicle energy plan