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  • dollar icon Because we don’t do confusing discounts, just simple rates.
  • australia icon Because we’re 100% Aussie, so you’ll get help from locals.
  • Solar Because our Solar Step-Up can help Victorian solar panels earn their keep.
  • reward icon Because we make it simple to check our prices.

Move in with Move Mate.

Congrats on your new home! Now let’s get your energy sorted. With Move Mate Electricity rates, your standard connection fees are on us. Give us your move details by 1pm and have your power connected the next business day if safe to do so. What are mates for, right? ‘Standard connections’ doesn’t include anything your distributor charges for after-hours or same-day connections. It also doesn’t include new estates or addresses where electricity hasn’t been connected for 12 months or more. In all those cases, special connection fees will apply.

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A bit about us.

We believe in doing the right thing by customers. Instead of trying to woo you with confusing discounts, we let our electricity and gas rates speak for themselves.

  • dollar icon No confusing discounts. Just simple prices.
  • australia icon 100% Australian owned and operated, so you’ll get help from locals.
  • customer icon Award-winning customer satisfaction – we’re committed to keeping customers happy.
  • Solar Solar Step-Up supports renewable energy generation in Victoria.
  • reward icon New Victorian and NSW customers get a $50 Welcome Bonus for switching here on our website.

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Our rates have no tricky discounts and no hidden catches. Naked rates.

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