There are a lot of electricity providers in Melbourne to choose from. Pick us and you’ll support Aussie renewables through our parent company, Hydro Tasmania.

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We’re a homegrown company, with all our people in Melbourne and Tassie. So if you choose us for your electricity in Victoria, you’ll be backing local jobs too.

Winning personalities
Winning personalities

We’ve been selling energy in Victoria for over 15 years. In that time we’ve earned our customers’ tick of approval for things like clear bills and customer satisfaction.

The story with electricity prices in Victoria

Wind back to pre-2019 and it was like the wild west for electricity rates in Victoria. Power companies could set prices and apply discounts however they liked. It made it really tricky to compare electricity and gas prices in Victoria because there was no set price for customers to refer to.

Now, we’ve got what’s known as the Victorian Default Offer (VDO) for electricity, which is set by the Essential Services Commission. That’s the price that all companies now reference when they talk about discounts, which makes things a little easier.

But we think companies should have been a lot more transparent from the beginning – not just when the rules called for it. That’s why we took a public stand against tricky discounts, and why we still work hard today to keep our pricing (and energy bills) as simple as possible.

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There are lots of energy providers in Victoria. What’s the difference?

First thing’s first: whoever you choose, the energy you get comes from the same place (it’s called the National Electricity Market, but you probably know it as ‘the grid’). The grid has energy supplied to it by all sorts of electricity generators, both renewable and non-renewable. It’s effectively like a big energy pool, so once the electricity goes in, there’s no way of figuring out where it came from. That’s why no retailer can supply your home with renewable energy only.

So, what’s the difference between energy companies in Victoria then? Mostly, it’s in where your money goes, which will depend on what else the company invests in – it could be anything from fossil fuel power stations to renewable projects. It’s always a good move to do a bit of research before you pick.

We’re really proud to be an Australian company owned by Hydro Tasmania – the country’s largest generator of renewable energy. So if you choose us, you’ll be supporting Aussie jobs and Aussie renewables. Win-win.

Why we reckon you’ll like Momentum

Of all the energy companies in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on being that extra little bit local. That's why our support teams are only as far as Melbourne and Tassie.

And if you need a hand comparing us with other electricity companies in Melbourne, we can give you a pretty good second opinion. Every year, Canstar Blue and Mozo ask a bunch of Aussies about their power companies, and over the last 7 years, Momentum customers have given us a firm nod – enough to win 15 customer voted awards for things like customer service, environmental awareness and clear bills (yep, that’s a thing).

But we know it’s not just about what’s in the trophy cabinet, so pop your postcode in below to see if our prices stack up too.

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Get service worth switching for

Get service worth switching for.