If your home runs on sun,
we salute you.

We’re all for Aussies contributing to our renewable energy story, which is why we offer a solar energy plan, called Solar Step-Up.

If you’ve got solar panels, you probably know you can get a solar feed-in tariff (FiT) no matter what plan you choose. But some are made to give you a little extra – and that’s what Solar Step-Up does. On it, you’ll get the highest FiT of any of our plans.

You’re eligible for Solar Step-Up if:

  • Tickyou’re in a house or small to medium business,
  • Tickyou’re in Victoria, NSW, SA or SE Queensland,
  • Tickyour generating capacity is 10kW or less, and
  • Tickyou’re not currently on a retired solar scheme.

Find out your rates and FiT by choosing ‘Estimate by address’ on our energy plans page. We use your address to check your solar meter and show you plans that are compatible.

Greenpeace's 2022 Green Electricity Guide

Here’s some sunny news: Momentum is one of Australia’s top 3 greenest power companies. (That means good vibes come free with every plan.)

Solar energy plan

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What are you doing about renewable energy?

We’re proud to be owned by Hydro Tasmania – Australia’s largest renewable generator.

Whoever you buy your energy from, it always comes from the same place – you probably know it as ‘the grid’. Electricity on the grid comes from a whole range of sources, both renewable and non-renewable.

Our relationship with Hydro means that even though you’re buying the same energy, you’re still doing a bit of good for Aussie renewables.

What's your feed-in tariff?

It all depends on which plan you choose, and where you live.

To see the rates and feed-in tariff for your place, go to our energy plans page and choose ‘Estimate by address’ at the top of the page. We use your address to identify your solar meter so we can show you compatible plans and the most accurate rates and FiT.

All our market plans will give you credit for the electricity you send to the grid, but you’ll get our best FiT with Solar Step-Up (unless you’re on a retired solar scheme).

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is a government program that lets power companies buy renewable energy on a customer’s behalf. It was designed to give Aussies a straightforward way of investing in renewables by adding a nominated contribution directly to their power bills.

You can read more about GreenPower on our blog.

Momentum Energy is an approved provider under the National GreenPower Accreditation Program.

Fact sheets available at momentum.com.au/energy-prices. For clear advice on the right plan for you, contact us on 1800 794 824. Basic Plan Information Documents are available at momentum.com.au/energy-prices.