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Same energy, greener mission

No matter who your power company is, the electricity is the same. Renewable and fossil-fuel generators both export electricity to the grid, which is then distributed to you. In the process, it all gets mixed together – you can’t choose to get just the renewable parts.

But what you can do to support renewable energy (besides generating your own) is choose a power company that helps to generate more of it. At Momentum, we’re (really) proud to be owned by Australia’s largest renewable generator, Hydro Tasmania. When you get your energy from Momentum, you support them too.

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Same energy, greener mission

Transparency, not trickery

Energy can be confusing, and we reckon it’s up to power companies to make it simpler.

That’s why when you check our prices, you’ll see the annual cost front and centre with a clear comparison to the reference price so it’s easy to see how we stack up against others. And when it comes to your bills and letters, we stick to plain English – no industry jargon, no stuffy language.

Transparency, not trickery

Owned and run by locals

Like a corner milk bar or footy club tuck shop.

Momentum’s an Aussie gas and electricity company in Melbourne, with support teams based in Victoria and Tassie. And that’s not the only shrimp on our barbie - we’re also owned by all-Australian, (renewable-generating), Hydro Tasmania.

Owned and run by locals

Awards to back it up

We've gotten the nod over the years for things like clear bills, environmental excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • TickCanstar Blue 2022 – Green Excellence
  • TickGreenpeace 2022 Green Electricity Guide – 4.5 star rating
  • TickMozo Experts Choice 2021 – Best Gas Plan.
  • TickMozo People’s Choice 2020 – Excellent Customer Service.
  • TickCanstar Blue 2020 – Most satisfied customers, gas and electricity nationwide.
Awards to back it up

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We’re proud to be owned by Hydro Tasmania.

They’re the biggest contributor of renewable energy in the country, and they’re looking at ways to double their generating capacity (which means more renewable energy for Australia). By supporting us, you’re helping them grow too. Learn more about Hydro Tasmania.

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