Making our service better for everybody

At Momentum, we always try to keep things simple. That includes making sure our services are easy to use, especially for those with different accessibility needs. We’re actively working with Get Skilled Access to help us improve our website and our documents to make them easier to use for everyone.

Our site is designed using the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG). We want to make sure you’re happy, so if you have any problems accessing our site, please contact us.

If you speak another language

For languages other than English, please contact our friendly Customer Care team via our interpreter services on 1800 497 170. We’re here Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm (AET).

  • Simplified Chinese: 如需语言协助,请致电 1800 497 170。
  • Traditional Chinese: 若需語言方面的幫助,請致電 1800 497 170。
  • Persian: برای دریافت کمک به زبان های دیگر، لطفاً با شماره 170 497 1800 تماس بگیرید
  • Arabic: 1800 497 170 للحصول على مساعدة في اللغة، يُرجى الاتصال على الرقم
  • Vietnamese: Để được giúp đỡ về ngôn ngữ, vui lòng gọi số 1800 497 170

If you’re hearing or speech impaired

You can use the National Relay Service to get in touch with our team with the help of an interpreter. When we include any video content on our website, it also features clear captions.

If you use a screen reader

We’re redesigning our forms and other PDFs according to best-practice guidelines for screen readers, and we’ve enlisted the help of Get Skilled Access to help us understand how our website can be improved too. Our pages are tested to readability as we build them.

We’re now looking into where our code needs to change to let screen readers process information in a more helpful way, including alt text to describe any images or icons.

If you use a keyboard to navigate

This is something we know we can do better, so we’re making changes to the code on our website to make it easier to navigate if you don’t use a mouse.

If you don’t like phone calls

You can now sign up using a live chat function on our website. For support, head to the Help & Support page in MyAccount, or send an email to

If you’re photosensitive

Our pages are tested to reduce colour contrasts that make things difficult to read.