When things get tough

Sometimes life can take an unexpected turn. If you're experiencing difficulties making your payments, please talk to us as soon as you can. We can help work though arrangements with you to find the best possible solution.

What is Payment Difficulty?

You may experience payment difficulty as a residential customer when you have the intention to pay your accounts, but don't have the financial capacity to meet your payment requirements. Payment difficulty can be either temporary or long-term.

Momentum Energy works proactively with financial counsellors to identify customers experiencing payment difficulty. We can assist you with a range of support mechanisms and access to educational tools.

Because the laws and regulations which govern how we sell you energy differ from state to state, the assistance we can provide you depends on where your supply address is located.

Payment Assistance Policy for NSW, QLD, SA, ACT and Bass Strait Islands

Payment Assistance Policy for Victoria

Additional assistance for customers in Victoria

Getting assistance

Your responsibilities

Types of assistance

Emergency financial aid

Utility Relief Grant Scheme (URGS)

Need further information?

There are many organisations out there that may be able to help, including the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). ASIC’s MoneySmart website has some useful information that may also provide you with assistance. Alternatively, you can call their National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007.