We’ve partnered with Goodbye Gas to make home electrification easier for Victorian households.

It’s the easiest way to ghost your gas company

It’s a slightly strange offer from a gas retailer (we know!) but then, we’re not your typical power company. We’d like to see more of our customers living fully electric lives – for their health, for the planet and to support Australia’s net-zero carbon emissions goals. And of course, we’d love to see way more of that electricity coming from renewables.


Get off gas

What’s the deal?

Our mates at Goodbye Gas take care of all the tricky stuff (like choosing quality products, accessing rebates and coordination of expert trades) and give you a custom electrification plan to get off gas. You can start by replacing just a few appliances, or ditch gas completely. It’s up to you.

To help you say “Goodbye Gas”, we have a special offer. You’ll need to be a Momentum gas customer based in Victoria. If you purchase any product from Goodbye Gas (e.g. a heat pump) and decide to go the whole nine yards and remove your gas meter, Momentum will cover the gas abolishment fee. The fee of up to $242 (including GST) will be credited to your final gas bill.

Switch out old gas-powered appliances for electric options

Goodbye Gas will work with you to understand your home and preferences, and then recommend energy-efficient electric alternatives to substitute your gas-powered ones. You get to decide whether you’re ready to go all-electric (or part electric) and they’ll take care of the rest. They can help you with all aspects of an efficient electric home including:

Heat pump hot water systems

Heat pump hot water systems

Split system (reverse cycle) air conditioning

Split system (reverse cycle) air conditioning

Induction cooktops

Induction cooktops

Home solar

Home solar

Battery storage

Battery storage

EV chargers

EV chargers

Leave your details and Goodbye Gas will take care of the rest.

Here’s how it works
Register your interest and Goodbye Gas will be in touch to book your consultation.
Consultation and electrification plan. Goodbye Gas will help you figure out what gas items you have and how they might be replaced. You’ll receive your custom plan and a quote for all items selected.
Goodbye Gas will order and coordinate the installation of your new appliances – they manage the whole process. Too easy.
If you’ve managed to get off gas completely, they’ll walk you through the process of having your gas meter removed. And Momentum will credit the gas abolishment fee ($242 will be credited to your final gas bill once your gas meter has been removed).

Ready to start something sustainable?

Leave your details below and Goodbye Gas will be in touch soon.

Electrification FAQs

Is it cheaper to run an electrified house?

Yes! According to Rewiring Australia, the average running costs of gas and petrol homes is $5,300 per year, while an electrified home with rooftop solar has running costs of about $1850 per year. That’s considering, electricity, heating and cooling, cooking and vehicle costs. Source: Rewiring Australia

Will electrifying my home really make a difference to emissions?

Yes! Even if you can’t get solar for your home, making the switch to an electric heat pump can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% when compared with gas boilers – even when running your home on electricity from the grid (which is largely supplied by fossil fuels). Source: International Energy Agency

Are all-electric homes healthier than homes with gas?

Yes! Studies have linked the presence of gas stoves in the home to increased incidence of childhood asthma. Gas stoves release nitrogen dioxide and small particles that irritate the lungs (even when the stove is off). One study in Victoria’s La Trobe Valley found that gas stoves correspond to a 27% increased risk of asthma in children. Source: Grattan Institute

What does a consultation cost with Goodbye Gas?

You can have an initial phone call with Goodbye Gas to get general advice at no cost. If your only gas appliance to replace is a hot water service they can also provide a quote from this call. For a detailed consultation and electrification quote for multiple items, you can choose between a virtual (video call) or in person consultation, costing $100 or $250 respectively.

From there, you’ll receive a custom quote covering new appliances, installation, and support. If you go ahead with installing any of the items in your electrification plan they’ll credit back the cost of your consultation on your final Goodbye Gas invoice.

Did we spark your interest?

If you’d like to know a bit more about electrification and getting off gas before making your power move, our Electrifying Stories hub is for you. It’s all about everyday people forging a more sustainable path, by getting off gas and making their homes more energy efficient.

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