Across Australia ordinary people are making small, smart choices that add up to a big difference for the planet. Electrifying stories is about celebrating all the ways in which people are forging a more sustainable path.

We’re sharing their ‘Aha moments’ so you can spend your time and energy figuring out other important things, like what series to binge next. In 2023 we sponsored the the third season of The New Joneses – an EV road trip!

It’s guaranteed to fill you with electrifying inspiration. So, if you’re ready to spark something sustainable, dive into these tales.

Electrifying stories

Saul Griffith wants you to electrify everything

Meet inventor and renewable electricity advocate Saul Griffith in suburb 2515 – where he’s leading a very chill charge for the renewable revolution.

Climate change can seem overwhelming and there are genuine limits to what individuals can do about it. So, Saul has pared it back to one simple thing we can all think about – electrification.  

‘Keep Cups and canvas bags aren’t going to cut it,’ Saul says, ‘Energy has to be our focus and electrification is the nearest term solution to climate change.’  

What’s great about electrification is that we aren’t talking about rushing out to buy more stuff. Saul wants us to electrify our machines and appliances by replacing old ones with electric and energy efficient versions – when the old ones wear out.  

Your next stove should be electric, your next hot water system should be electric, your next car should be electric.  

If we all get onboard, Australia will be steadily moving towards all-electric homes that can be healthier for the family, better for the planet and are cheaper to run than homes with gas. Then just add in some rooftop solar for the cheapest delivered electricity in the history of humans – and you’re set!

‘rooftop solar is the cheapest energy delivered to a retail customer in the history of humans. The economics are in favour, it’s really a question how we help every Australian afford it.’

Randy Feltface says it’s time to get off gas

Randy Feltface the vegan puppet has travelled the world and seen some amazing things. This vibrant plant and animal lover wants us to care for the planet better by changing how we live in it.

Randy wants us to get off the gas. Why? ‘Because it’s a dirty, fossil fuel that pollutes the air we breathe harming us, the planet and the plants and animals that live here,’ he says.

He reckons it’s time to find ways to ditch fossil fuels, support renewables and go all-electric.

Randy’s top five electrifying moves

  1. Go solar. Rooftop solar is the cheapest way to power your home.
  2. Swap out your old gas stove for induction. Electric stoves are cheaper to run and gas stoves release pollutants that can cause respiratory illness.
  3. Switch out gas hot water for heat pumps. Heat pumps use one third (or less) energy than their gas counterparts.
  4. Choose reverse cycle aircon to heat + cool. They’re more energy and cost efficient than gas-powered.
  5. Insulate. Plug drafts, install insulation, and double glaze!
Electrified toolbox

But what if you’re renting?

If you’re struggling with hot summers, chilly winters and can’t exactly renovate right now, you’re not alone. Many Australian renters are in the same boat.

Watch Ben Kreunen find creative ways to keep the weather out armed with everything from trees and fans to plastic bubble wrap in Episode 27 of The New Joneses Road Trip.

1 Million Women

Former cosmetics manufacturer Nat Issacs used to live in a world of packaging, mass consumption and makeup. She had her ‘Aha moment’ when she figured out it was possible to lower her household electricity consumption by 20% – she saved a heap of cash and lowered her carbon footprint.

After making a big difference at home (and realising how easy it was) she thought, ‘If I can do this, 1 Million Women can too.’ 

If you don’t already know them, One Million Women are an advocacy group taking small, achievable steps to combat climate change. Their philosophy is that we can’t all be perfect in one go, and we shouldn’t need to. It’s about doing what you can where you can. 

What are One Million Women up to right now? They’re insulating their homes, installing home solar systems, getting off gas, switching out gas cooktops for induction, and upgrading to electric vehicles.

"If I can do this, 1 Million Women can too."