Find the best solar and battery setup for your place

We’ve partnered with Solargain – one of the best in the business when it comes to all things solar – to reward Momentum customers for going solar.

We’d love to see more of our customers reaping the benefits of solar – even if that means paying us less on your bills each month (we don’t mind because it’s good for the planet).

Whether you’re looking for a solar PV system, solar hot water or considering a solar battery, our friends at Solargain can help.

Best solar and battery setup

Solar $100 bill credit

What’s the deal?

Momentum customers who take up a Solargain product (eg. a solar PV system) via us will receive a once-off bill credit of $100 (including GST).

The bill credit will be applied to your electricity bill once Solargain let us know you’re up and running with one of their products.

To get the bill credit, you’ll need to be a Momentum customer and have an electricity account with us. You can join us here.

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Why we like Solargain

We’ve chosen to work with Solargain because they’re Solar PV specialists and one of the largest solar businesses in Australia. And they’re Australian owned like us.

Solargain can help cover everything from choosing the right-sized system and having it installed to ongoing maintenance. They provide solar panels, solar batteries, hot water (heat pumps and solar hot water) and EV chargers for both residential and business customers.

As an approved New Energy Tech Seller, they’re committed to the NETCC code. They also use great hardware from manufacturers like Fronius, Jinko, iStore and Tesla. Part of being sustainable is choosing products that will benefit you for the long run.

Leave your details and Solargain will take care of the rest.

Here’s how it works
Register your interest.
Solargain will be in touch to help you figure out the best mix of solar products for your situation.
You’ll be sent a custom plan and quote.
Solargain manage the installation.
You’ll receive your once-off $100 electricity bill credit (including GST) and all the other benefits of solar once your installation is complete.

Ready to start something sustainable?

Let's go!

Solar FAQs

Am I eligible for this offer? openclose

Are you a Momentum electricity customer based in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, or Queensland? Then you sure are!

What’s the warranty on solar panels and batteries from Solargain? openclose

Every solar panel they install comes with a 25-year performance warranty and every battery comes with a 10-year product warranty. Solargain have a dedicated service and support team to help you out with any warranty questions.

What solar rebates am I eligible for? openclose

Solargain will help you navigate any rebates you might be eligible for – making solar life that much easier.

For example, Victorian customers may be eligible for a rebate of up to $1400 towards the installation of a solar system. However, access to the rebate is means tested and your home must be owner-occupied.

Find out more about solar and solar battery rebates and incentive programs in Victoria and other states and territories via the Clean Energy Council.

Customers in all states and territories are also eligible for STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates) which aren’t means tested. Here’s everything you need to know about STC’s from our friends at Solargain.

When will I receive my bill credit from Momentum? openclose

Momentum customers who purchase a Solargain product will be eligible to receive a once-off electricity bill credit of $100 (including GST). To qualify, you’ll need to be an existing electricity customer with us and initiate contact with Solargain via the web form on this page.

After your product has been installed (and Solargain notify us you’re up and running) you’ll receive your bill credit on your very next bill.

How much will solar save me on my electricity bill? openclose

Ahh, the 42-million-dollar question. Or maybe it’s the ten-dollar question.

How much you save will depend on how big your system is and how you use it.

When figuring out how much you might save with solar, there are three main factors to keep in mind.

  1. The system. The more kWh of energy your system makes, the more you could save. Energy production can be impacted by size, site conditions (like pitch and orientation) and the quality of the system. Learn more about sizing your solar system here.
  2. Energy prices. When you install solar, you’re effectively joining the grid. If solar feed-in-tariffs rise, you could earn more from the power you output to the grid.
  3. How you use it. One of the biggest factors impacting returns on your solar system is how much of the power you’re able to benefit from directly. The savings from using the power your system generates are usually greater than what you make selling back to the grid. So if you’re making more power than you use in a day, solar batteries can be a very handy addition to your system.

Want to know more about turning sunlight into savings?

Whether you’re contemplating a new solar installation or trying to work out how to make the most of an existing system, you’ll find heaps of handy info on our solar education hub.

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