Make regular, consistent payments.

It’s normal for your energy use to change when the seasons do, but now you can avoid bigger bills in those months when your usage goes up (we’re looking squarely at you, aircon).

Welcome to SmoothPay – it’s a tool that calculates your estimated yearly power spend and splits it into even payments, so you always know what to expect. You’re also in control of the frequency (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and the day of the week or month your payments happen.

To set up SmoothPay, log into MyAccount and click ‘Payment options’ under the account you want to set it up for. If you’ve got multiple accounts with us, you can set up SmoothPay for any that are eligible.

Log into MyAccount.



How we work out your payments.

We start by looking at your past usage data to estimate how much energy we expect you to use over the next year, then break that amount into weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments (whatever works for you).

If you’re a new customer and we don’t have any usage information for you yet, you can still sign up. Of course, the less data we have, the less precise our estimates will be, so your payments may fluctuate a bit as we get a clearer idea of your usage patterns. We’ll always let you know ahead of time if you can expect any changes to your SmoothPay amount.

Ditch high bills and join the smooth brigade.

Set up SmoothPay in MyAccount

How do you calculate my SmoothPay amounts?

We calculate your SmoothPay amounts using a combination of what we know about your past energy usage and your actual energy usage once you start using SmoothPay. If we don’t have enough information about your past energy usage (or any at all), we may estimate your energy usage or combine our estimate with any information we do have. In some cases, this might mean we make a few adjustments to your payments in the period after you take up the service, just until we know more about your energy usage patterns.

How do I set up SmoothPay?

Log into MyAccount and click ‘Payment options’ in the plan box, then follow the prompts. Just note that if you’re an eligible customer, SmoothPay will only appear as an option if you’re up to date with your bills. You can see all eligibility criteria in the SmoothPay Terms and Conditions.

If you ever change to another plan, you’ll keep your SmoothPay set-up.

How do I cancel SmoothPay?

You can cancel SmoothPay in MyAccount from the ‘Plans & Payment’ section. Depending on what your balance is when you cancel SmoothPay, there’ll be a credit or debit on your next invoice to make sure you’re reimbursed or billed accordingly.

When you cancel SmoothPay, you’ll go back to paying your bills normally via direct debit. If you also want to cancel your direct debit, you’ll need to change your billing preference to ‘invoice only’ (just keep in mind this isn’t an option on our Self Serve or Nothing Fancy plans).