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Built for people: what’s different about a Nightingale home?

There are a bunch of apartment buildings popping up around Australia that go by the name of Nightingale – but there’s a lot more to them than the average development.

In their own words, Nightingale makes ‘homes built for people, not profit’. It’s not about just giving more people a good place to live – it’s building homes in a way that respects the environment they live in, too. And as one of their power partners, we were more than a little keen to share how they go about it.

Build lightly

Using sustainable materials is one thing – using as few as possible is another. Nightingale’s approach is one of reductionism, which means in lieu of extra furnishings and second bathrooms, they keep spaces simple. None of their apartments even have washing machines – they all use communal rooftop laundries and get to enjoy the extra space in their homes instead (and the extra chatter over the spin cycle).

The materials they do use are recyclable, recycled, naturally-sourced and local wherever they can be.

Build for the future

Nightingale house

Building sustainably isn’t just about the materials you use – it’s building in a way that supports sustainable living for the rest of a home’s lifetime.

It’s why Nightingale homes have an average NatHERS rating of at least 7.5, thanks to a combination of insulation, passive ventilation, and solar shading. As for what it means? Homes that are cooler in summer and warmer in winter, without the need for energy-intensive heating and cooling units. When it is time to pop the heater on, the hydronic heating system means it’s generated as efficiently as possible.

Build fossil fuel-free

There’s no gas in any Nightingale building. Not sure why that’s important? Well, gas is a fossil fuel, so the less of it we burn the better. Given we can use electricity to heat our water and roast our potatoes – often more efficiently than if we use gas – why wouldn’t we?

Nightingale’s serious about where they get their electricity from, too. In addition to the solar panels on the roof, some buildings add 100% GreenPower to their plans, which means all their electricity use is match with renewable electricity, and others are signed up to our Corporate Power Purchase Agreement, which lets them buy their electricity directly from a renewable electricity generator.

You can learn more about Nightingale Housing on their website.

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