Nightingale Village welcomes renewable and electric vehicle collaboration

Nightingal and Momentum Energy

Integration of renewable energy solutions, electric car share vehicles and sustainable housing showcases a smarter, more sustainable way of urban living.

Nightingale Housing, Australia’s leading not-for-profit housing provider, has welcomed the arrival of an exciting sustainable transport initiative at its Nightingale Village project in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Thanks to a collaboration with Momentum Energy and GoGet carshare, two electric car share vehicles have arrived on site, offering an eco-friendly and convenient transportation solution for residents and the broader community.

The three partners in the project say the integration of renewable energy, electric car share vehicles and equitable housing showcases a smarter, more sustainable way of urban living.

Momentum Energy has supported the purchase of the two Kia Niro electric vehicles and is the preferred supplier to Nightingale projects of renewable energy solutions.

While the electricity going to Nightingale Village comes from the grid (which includes a combination of renewables and non-renewables) the Village Community has a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement with Momentum that matches its energy consumption with an equivalent amount of renewable electricity generation from Tasmanian wind farms or other GreenPower accredited renewable electricity sources.  

Momentum Energy Managing Director Lisa Chiba said Momentum was delighted to be supporting the launch of an innovative electric vehicle and renewable energy solution.

“This initiative is a wonderful example of a collaboration to support a local community in accessing electric vehicles and being able to actively participate in electrification, and the transition to a cleaner energy future more broadly,” Lisa said.

“This partnership offers a glimpse into the future in terms of how the integration of renewable energy, electric vehicles and equitable housing can deliver a smarter and more sustainable way of living.”

Dan McKenna, CEO, Nightingale Housing, said the benefit extends beyond the residents of Nightingale Village.

“GoGet is already doing an amazing job of lowering domestic carbon emissions by reducing the need for individual car ownership. Introducing these electric vehicles to their fleet is an exciting evolution. We’re grateful to both GoGet and Momentum Energy for helping Nightingale residents and the broader community live even more sustainably,” said Dan.

Darcy Lechte, Carshare Strategic Planner for GoGet, said carshare in apartment blocks, and now EV carshare, immediately deliver both affordable and sustainable transport benefits.

“GoGet already has a proven positive impact on climate and congestion every day with our fleet of conventional vehicles.  We look forward to a day soon when EVs are competitively priced. Until then, initiatives like this will help to showcase and demonstrate the positive impact electrification when combined with renewable energy can have in the community,” said Darcy.

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