Power outages, faults and emergencies

What do I do if my electricity goes out?

If there’s any risk to life or property, call 000 right away.

Otherwise, you can get information about a particular outage from your energy distributor. If you’re not sure who yours is, you can look it up here, or check your bill for their name and contact details.

Your distributor’s outage map can give you useful information about a blackout in your area.

StateDistributorFaults Outage information
VICPowercor132 412Outage map
VICAusNet Services131 799Outage map
VICUnited Energy132 099Outage map
VICCitipower131 280Outage map
VICJemena131 626Outage map
NSWEssential Energy132 080Outage map
NSWEndeavour Energy131 003Outage information
NSWAusgrid131 388Outage information
SASA Power Networks131 366Outage map
QLDEnergex136 262Outage map