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Moving Home

Moving Home

Moving can be stressful and time-consuming. We try to make our cameo role in this process as straight forward as possible for you.

New customers

If you're joining Momentum Energy, you can sign up and specify when you want your electricity and gas to be connected.

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Already a customer

If you're an existing customer moving home, it's important you call us on 1300 662 778 or contact us as soon as you know you'll be moving, so we can help with:

  • Finalising your current Electricity account
  • Finalising your current Gas account (Victoria only)
  • Organising the connection of your Electricity and Gas (Victoria only) at your new address.

Please note: it can take up to 3 business days to arrange connection and disconnection on your desired day, which is why giving us prior notice is important.

If you don't tell us you're moving, we can't finalise your account. So you'll continue to be liable for all energy charges at your old address.

Moving house?

Call us on 1300 662 778 as soon as you know you're moving and we'll help ease the process

Got gas?

Did you know Momentum Energy serves gas in Victoria? Get a quote for gas at your residence today

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