If you don’t want to be contacted with direct marketing, you can put yourself on our Do Not Contact list by getting in touch using one of the options below:

Online: via the form on this page
Phone: 1300 662 778 (8am-6pm Monday to Friday)
Post: P.O. Box 353 Flinders Lane VIC 8009 (addressed to our Do Not Contact team)
In person: Level 10, 4-12 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

If you get a call from us or one of our representatives, you can also ask them to put you on our Do Not Contact list over the phone.

It generally takes around 10 business days to process a request, so you may still get marketing material from us during that time. After that, we'll keep you on our Do Not Contact list for at least two years.

If you request, we'll provide you with written confirmation that you've been placed on our Do Not Contact list.

If you're our customer, we'll still contact you about anything important relating to your account or service.