Evie’s Complete Charging Solution: The smartest way to get the most out of your electric vehicle.

We’ve partnered with Evie Networks to help accelerate Australia’s transition to electric vehicles. Why? Well, because Evie is one of Australia’s leading public fast-charging networks, with more than 200 public fast-charging locations across the country.

Evie are ready to help you out with everything from choosing the right charger to installation – so you can enjoy life in the fast lane. And we dig electric vehicles because zero tail-pipe emissions can mean cleaner air and healthier communities.

Evie EV charging solution

Evie electric vehicle plan voucher

What’s the deal?

Our mates at Evie will look after the installation of your EV home charger and as a bonus, they’ll provide you with a $200 public charging voucher that can be used at any Evie charging station in Australia.

Who’s eligible?

This deal is available to individuals in metro areas who reside in a free-standing home. Some people living outside of metro areas may also be eligible – just leave your details below and an Evie representative will be in touch to help!

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Why we rate Evie

We’ve chosen to partner with Evie Networks because together, we make a total power-couple. They have an expansive network of charging stations and are our preferred provider for EV charging systems for homes and workplaces.

They’re also helping Australian organisations pioneer the way on e-mobility with electric vehicle fleets as well – working with councils, government organisations, car rental companies and EV manufacturers and dealerships too – to help accelerate the uptake of all-electric travel. You could say we see a lot of potential here. (If you’re a small business looking for an onsite charging solution, fill out our form below and Evie’s team will be in touch.)

Leave your details and Evie will take care of the rest.

Here’s how it works
Small Business
Register your interest in Evie’s Complete Charging Solution via the webform below.
Evie will be in touch to help you find the right charging solution for your needs.
Once you’ve successfully placed and paid for your order, you’ll receive a $200 public charging voucher from Evie to get you on the road. You can start using it right away.
Evie will co-ordinate and install your home charger (including hooking up to your home solar system if you have it*).

*Additional costs will apply

Register your interest in Evie’s Complete Charging Solution via the webform below.
Evie will be in touch to help you find the right charging solution for your needs.
Evie will co-ordinate and install your charging infrastructure, and they’ll support you with any other requirements you might have, like vouchers and post-paid accounts

Ready to lead the charge with your EV?

Leave your details below and Evie will be in touch soon.

EV fast charging FAQs

What are smart EV home chargers and how does smart-charging work? openclose

Evie smart home chargers allow customers to charge their vehicles at a faster rate than they would be able to with the dumb charger that comes with an EV purchase. Evie’s chargers come in two sizes 7kW, and 22kW (for properties with three phase power) – the higher the capacity, the less time it takes to charge.

Evie smart home chargers also come with an app that lets you optimise the connection between your car, your home, and your electricity supply (whether that’s solar, or the grid). That interface helps you save money, charge efficiently and preserve your EV’s battery.

How fast is a smart EV home charger and how far can I travel on it? openclose

7kW single-phase EV smart home charger delivers approx. 40km of driving range for every hour of charging.

How much does it cost to charge an EV? openclose

The overall cost of running an electric vehicle will vary based on how much you travel and how you charge it. If you’re able to make use of cheap electricity during the day from a solar-system or off-peak tariffs overnight, you can save as much as 90% on running costs compared to a petrol or diesel vehicle. That’s a savings equivalent to paying 20c per litre for petrol instead of $1.90. Source: The Electric Vehicle Council

Do I need to have solar to get an Evie charging system? openclose

No, you don’t have to have solar to install and make the most of an Evie home charger – but they do make for a winning combination. Rooftop solar is one of the cheapest ways to charge an EV.

If you already have solar, Evie will work with you to optimise your solar usage for charging your EV at an additional cost, and if you don’t, they can set you up to make the most of off-peak tariffs.

What is an Evie public charging voucher and how does it work? openclose

The Evie public charging voucher is delivered digitally in the form of a voucher code digital voucher. It will give you $200 in charging value for your Evie account to access via Evie's digital App. You can use the voucher to charge your vehicle at any of Evie’s fast-charging locations nationwide – and you’ll have a full 12 months from the date of issue to use your voucher.

Can I get an Evie smart home charger for my apartment? openclose

Unfortunately, not yet. To approach Evie directly for a smart home charger, you’ll need to be in a freestanding home or building.

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