Why Nothing Fancy is cheaper

It’s pretty simple - Nothing Fancy has fewer features than our other plans, which reduces your service costs. Because the energy market is always changing, it’s impossible for any company to be a cheap energy provider 100% of the time, but by cutting out the bells and whistles, you can still snap up a few savings (no matter what’s happening in the market).

The two main things you need to know are:

Direct debit
You’ll need to pay by direct debit
Bills and correspondence via email
Bills and correspondence will be via email

How cheap electricity is will depend on the energy market at the time you’re looking. To see our current pricing, click below or (if you’re already a customer) scroll down to see how to compare and switch in MyAccount.

See plans and pricing

Switch plans in MyAccount

If you’re already a Momentum customer, you’ll need to switch to Nothing Fancy via MyAccount. Just log in and scroll down to the Account tools section, then click Switch plan.

MyAccount Switch Plan Screenshot

Log into MyAccount

There you’ll see which plans are available to you. If you’re happy with the rates and plan details, click Select plan and follow the prompts.

Not sure if you have MyAccount?

You’ll be registered for MyAccount automatically if you signed up any time from November 2019. If you don’t remember setting a password, just go to the login screen and click I forgot my password and we’ll email you a reset link.

If you don’t think you’re registered, click the Register button instead (you’ll need your account number handy, which is on your bill).

If you're still having trouble with MyAccount, contact us.

*Are there any exceptions to the online-only support?
Yep. You can still call if your supply address is registered for life support, you’re in payment difficulty or if there’s an emergency relating to your power.

Why isn’t everyone already on your cheapest plan?

The cheapest plan might not suit everyone. Some people prefer to pay a little more to get certain fees waived, extra features (like a higher solar feed-in tariff) or more flexible options. It just depends on what suits their needs at the time. Before you switch, double check the plan details to make sure you’re still getting the features you want.

Can I only switch online?

You’ll need to sign up online, unless:

  • you’re on our Keeping Momentum program, in which case give us a call us on 1300 415 375,
  • you're a life support customer, which means you’ll need to call us on 1800 316 419, or
  • there’s a problem with your access to MyAccount, in which case give us a call on 1800 316 419.