Here's why we're a planet favourite

Hydro tasmania
Owned by Australia's largest renewable generator

Hydro Tasmania has been generating hydro power for over a century, and these days they generate more renewable energy than any other generator in the country.

Minimal effort, maximum impact

Switching energy companies is the biggest little thing that you can do to help combat climate change. It’s easy and the planet will thank you.

Part of Australia’s renewable future

When you support a company backed by a renewable energy generator, it’s like using your power bill to vote for the kind of energy future you’d like to see in this country.

Did we mention that Nature approves?

Switching to a greener energy company (that’s us) only takes a few minutes, and it goes a long way to help fight climate change. So, while we don't use celebrity endorsements, you can see why Nature is giving us the biggest endorsement of all.