What makes Momentum so planet-friendly?

Renewable energy
Supporting clean, renewable energy

Our parent company, Hydro Tasmania, is Australia’s largest renewable energy generator. They create enough clean energy from hydropower and wind farms to power the equivalent of 1.5 million Aussie homes a year. When you join us, you support them.

Solar generation
Backing solar generation

If you’ve got solar, we salute you. While all our plans offer a solar feed-in tariff, it’s Solar Step-Up that offers our highest. Check it out and see if this plan suits your set-up.

Upping the green with GreenPower

GreenPower is a great way of supporting new renewable generation – and we’re all for going one greener. So you can add up to 100% GreenPower to our electricity plans. When it comes to enviro-stuff, we’ve got you covered.

Being transparent, not tricky

Explaining things in plain English helps people make better decisions. Whoever you get it from, electricity is pretty much the same, so the real choice is deciding who (and what) your power bills support.

Green power company

Could a greener power company save you money?