Less keeping up, more keeping cups.

If you’ve ever turned back on a coffee run to grab your Keep Cup, or walked home with just a few more groceries than you could carry, just to save a plastic bag: Good. On. You. You’re copping that (minor) inconvenience because you know it’s better for the planet.

The New Joneses are all about putting those little things into the big picture. They know if they get more people to consume a little less, suddenly one teeny act of good becomes a wave of positive change.

As well as curbing your energy use, they want you to take a closer look at your power company, too. Because even though we all sell the same thing, we’re not all built the same way. Here at Momentum, we’re owned by Australia’s largest renewable generator, Hydro Tasmania – and we’re proud to be The New Joneses’ pick for power partner.

Less keeping up, more keeping cup

Tips from a renewable power pro

Tips from a renewable power pro.

In 2021, The New Joneses went on an (electric car-powered) road trip to chat to some familiar faces about the different ways we can do better for the planet.

In their episode about energy, they spoke to James Allston from New Energy Ventures about how we decarbonise Aussie homes. James gets that not everyone can build an all-electric eco home from the ground up, so his advice is simple: move to an energy company that’s supporting the renewable energy transition.

When James’ house isn’t running on the power from his solar panels, he gets renewable energy the same way the rest of Tassie does – from hydropower generated by (you guessed it) Hydro Tasmania.

See the full video below or read more about how Momentum fits in with Hydro and the renewable transition here.

You can read our full wrap of the road trip on our blog, or watch the rest of the videos below. Each one is about 10 minutes long, with Aussies like Yael Stone and Stephen Curry sharing the planet-positive changes they’re making in their own lives.

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