Yep, there’s such a thing.

We partnered with the New Joneses because we like what they’re about – changing the little things to make a big difference.

If you’ve never thought about your energy that way, it’s time to start. Because even though power companies all sell the same stuff, we’re not all built the same way. So, what makes us different?

Plans that’ll make you smile

Most of our plans come with a renewable promise. It means for every bit of home electricity you use, we’ll make sure that enough renewable energy is produced each year to cover it – so you can do as much good with the energy you use as the energy you save.


Real renewable investment

Real renewable investment

Your support does a lot more good than you might think. That’s cause we’re owned by the country’s largest generator of renewable energy, Hydro Tasmania. They’ve got dams and windfarms all over Tassie making clean energy for Australians.

Ready for some feel good energy?