Follow the energy market,
buy when it suits you.

Progressive energy pricing (PEP) gives you more control over your energy spend. Rather than locking you into fixed electricity consumption rates, it lets you make transactions at market rates for smaller portions of your energy needs, over the course of your contract.

With PEP, you’ll see how much energy you need to make these transactions for, and over what period of time (this can be quarterly or annual). From there you’ve got the power to decide which rates you lock in, and when.

Follow the energy market, buy when it suits you

Manage it all online.

Our online platform, MomEx, gives you an overview of wholesale electricity rates derived by a wholesale energy broker – from past, current and future periods (where possible). It’s a straightforward system that lets you initiate transactions based on your own pricing strategy.

Get an easy-to read bill

Get an easy-to-read bill.

PEP bills look and feel like a regular retail bill. They’ll give you a simple overview of what you’re paying for your energy, with all the finer details on any transactions available on your MomEx portal.

They’ll also lay out all other charges clearly – including your daily charges, retail margin and any metering, environmental and regulatory charges.

Why Momentum?

Access for smaller users.

Unlike many providers, we’re able to offer PEP to smaller companies – giving them unprecedented access to a product normally reserved for much bigger players. Dedicated account managers are on hand to let you know if you’re eligible.

Third-party intel.

We’ll only become involved in setting rates for transactions where rates don’t fall within an agreed volatility threshold. If that happens, we’ll determine a rate and make an offer to you directly.

Intuitive purchasing platform.

The MomEx dashboard has a simple layout that makes it easy to view rates, see your pricing status and initiate transactions. Your dedicated Business Relationship Manager will also provide training (in person where preferred) and ongoing support.

Fixed margins.

Our retail margin for your electricity is fixed and clearly outlined in your contract. It will be added onto the wholesale rate published in MomEx when you enter transactions.

Contract tailoring options.

Your contract includes the ability to request price collars (both ceiling and floor) for an added premium. This means you can set an upper and lower limit on what you‘ll pay, helping you to forecast costs and manage price movements.

Market rates if you don’t transact.

If you don’t transact for the full amount of energy in a consumption period within set timeframes, we’ll make a transaction for the final amount on your behalf using market rates at the time.

We take security seriously.

Our security and authentication processes mean that your account details are always in safe hands.

Get PEP for your business.

The best way to see if PEP is right for you is by chatting to one of our team. Get in touch via email here.


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