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About Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy is a 100% Australian-owned and operated, energy retailer. We pride ourselves on innovation and outstanding customer service. To date, we retail electricity in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, the ACT, and the Bass Strait Islands. We offer competitive rates to both residential and business customers along with a range of innovative energy products and services. We also retail natural gas to Victorian customers.

Momentum Energy is owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia's largest generator of renewable energy - generating hydro and wind power. Hydro Tasmania is also the nation's largest water manager. It is owned by the State of Tasmania and has been at the forefront of renewable energy innovation for more than 100 years.

Hydro Tasmania shares its expertise via specialist power and water consulting firm Entura. Being part of the Hydro Tasmania group gives Momentum the confidence, stability, competitive pricing and asset base of big companies. Our commitment to customers and excellent service matches the superior performance associated with smaller providers.

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Our Values and Policies

Our Values provide direction on the kind of organisation we are and how we conduct business.

Our Values are truly ours. As we grow and change, we review our values to ensure they best reflect our business and our people.

Our values provide direction and clarity about the way we make decisions, work together and achieve our goals.

  • We put people's health and safety first.
  • We build value for our partners and customers through innovation and outstanding service.
  • We behave with honesty and integrity.
  • We work together, respect each other and value our diversity.
  • We are accountable for our actions.
  • We are committed to creating a sustainable future.

Our values underpin everything we do, from the way we offer service to our valued customers, to the way we go about our work.

More on our Values and Behaviours
Hydro Tasmania's Sustainability Code
Health, safety and wellbeing policy

Pro-Active Sustainability

BSI Assurance Mark ISO 14001As a responsible member of the business community and world at large, we take our sustainability practices seriously. We believe in a proactive approach to maintaining our environment's precious resources. Together with our parent company Hydro Tasmania, we are continuously taking positive steps.

Momentum are also ISO14001 certified for our Environmental Management System. Read our environmental policy and visit our blog for tips on building sustainability practices into your business.

Momentum Energy ISO14001 certification
Hydro Tasmania Environmental Policy

Business Leadership

We believe in building business leadership through networking, which is why we work closely with our partners in industry to deliver business opportunities for you.

Your Privacy

For more information on how we use, collect and disclose personal information, please read our Privacy Policy and our Privacy Statement.
Momentum Energy Privacy Statement

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Momentum is a 100% Australian owned & operated energy company