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What is Less hassle. More hustle?

Energy isn't working the way it should be. Somewhere along the line, this industry lost its way, and the focus moved away from what should always be our number one priority - making energy better for customers. It's time to shift that focus back.

So instead of telling Australians what we're doing right, we asked them to tell us what's going wrong, and you can see our survey results here. The next step for us is to start reducing those hassles. It's a big job, but we have a proud history of hustling, with initiatives such as Naked Rates and BillBot.

We're just getting started, so stay tuned as we continue to hustle. In the meantime please tell us about your energy hassles. While we can't solve everything today, we can make a start - one hassle at a time.

Amy Childs, Managing Director.

Here's what you had to say

You're sick of crap customer service

Nearly all Victorians (96%) said energy retailers are a hassle to deal with, while one in three (%) wished they'd offer quicker fixes, and 14% complained that it usually takes more than one call to solve their issues.

  • More than 1 in 4 Victorians said 'unhelpful customer service' was a major hassle
  • 38% of Victorians say customer service is usually worse if they're trying to resolve a problem
  • More than half of Victorians (51%) say good customer service is important to them
How we hustle

After analysing calls and our current processes, we upskilled our entire 1800 HUSTLE team in November 2018 so they're better equipped to answer your query without needing to transfer your call. Since then we've reduced call transfers by half. Call 1800 HUSTLE

We've won Mozo People's Choice Awards for
'Outstanding Customer Satisfaction'
in 2017 and 2018.

You're over discounts designed to confuse

Confusing energy pricing and discounts in general were a major hassle for over half of Victorians (52%).

  • More than a third of Victorians (36%) said they never understand what's discounted from their bill
  • Over half (56%) want simple, easy to understand rates
How we hustle

We were one of the first energy retailers to take a public stand against misleading discounts. We pride ourselves on being upfront. We don't charge sneaky fees, we don't bamboozle you with tricky discounts, and our rates speak for themselves. BillBot, which lets you upload your eBill from another energy retailer to help you figure out if you'd be better off with Momentum. Get an estimate

Our bills are award-winningly simple. Momentum has won Mozo People's Choice Awards for 'Clearest Power Bills' award two years in a row now.

You think energy should be greener

Almost two thirds of Victorians (%) want energy retailers to care more about the environment, and 61% said it's up to energy retailers to buy more renewable energy.

  • Almost half of Victorians (44%) think buying renewable energy is complicated
  • Most Victorians (69%) wished their energy retailer would buy more energy from renewable sources
  • 62% of Victorians want retailers to be upfront about whether or not they use renewable energy
How we hustle

Momentum is owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia's largest generator of renewable energy.

In fact, Hydro Tasmania has been at the forefront of renewable energy innovation for over 100 years. And the best part? It's all Aussie owned, mate.

Hydro Tasmania make enough clean energy each year to power around 900,000 Aussie properties.

Momentum scored Mozo People's Choice Awards for 'Environmental Awareness' award two years in a row.

What else did you say

We know you want less hassles

To experience our award winning hustle call us on 1800 HUSTLE or check our prices.

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Momentum Energy commissioned research via ACA Research, conducted between 16-26 November 2018. The 10-minute online survey consisted of n=1,759 Australians aged 18+ who are decision makers or influencers around their home gas or electricity account. This included n=1,033 Victorians, and n=726 participants from the rest of Australia.

Quotas were set, and the data was weighted based on the latest ABS population estimates to ensure the overall results was nationally representative by gender, age and region. The Victorian sample was weighted separately based on ABS population estimates, to ensure the results were representative to the population distribution within the state, with a margin of error of +3% on the Victorian sample.