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Junior Landcare Grants

Momentum Energy is working with Junior Landcare to provide 200 $1,000 grants to help young people play an active role in ensuring the safe future of their environment.

Key dates:

Applications are closed at the moment.


  • Any school (primary or secondary), kindergarten, childcare centre, and youth/community group (e.g. Scouts) in Victoria seeking to educate young Australians about gardening and the natural environment can apply.
  • Groups with project reports still outstanding from previous Junior Landcare grants are ineligible for further funding until all reporting requirements are met.
  • Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.
  • Preference will be given to groups who have not already received a Junior Landcare grant in the past two years.

What activities does the Momentum Junior Landcare Grant support?

  • Bush tucker and native gardens
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Sensory gardens
  • Composting and green waste recycling activities
  • Purchase of gardening infrastructure and equipment (pallets, garden beds, gloves, shovels, watering cans etc)


Successful groups will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Expected educational and environmental outcomes
  • Level of hands-on student involvement in project
  • Integration into the school curriculum or youth group program to maximise environmental learning. Applicants are encouraged to use the Junior Landcare Curriculum Resources for information and inspiration.
  • Level of involvement of the broader school community or local community (e.g. links with a Landcare Group)
  • Feasible and technically-sound project activities
  • Realistic and detailed project budget
  • Equity and need

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