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Fees and charges for business electricity and gas

There are three main cost components to your business's electricity bills.

  • Energy costs
  • Distribution costs (e.g. poles and wires and other network costs)
  • Retailing costs (e.g. customer service)

Various pass through costs are itemised in your Momentum Energy invoices.

These are the key retail fees and charges associated with the sale of electricity to domestic and small business customers in accordance with the applicable Regulatory Instruments. These are the key retailers fees and charges that you are required to pay under your Contract. Please note that these do not represent an exhaustive list of fees and charges you may be required to pay.

Where applicable, we will also pass on to you fees and charges levied by third parties which will include, but are not limited to, fees and charges relevant to the supply of electricity to your Supply Address (such as certain miscellaneous charges from your distributor) and payment methods you have selected (such as merchant fees imposed by your or our financial institutions).

These will be set out separately on your bill and the full amount received from you will be paid directly to such third parties. All fees and charges listed are subject to variation in accordance with your Contract. Please refer to Supply Address and Rates Schedule for your Rates.

New Connections

Network Distributors charge relevant fees for all new connections. We will quote these fees to you prior to you signing your contract. We also apply a $33 admin fee for each new electricity connection we process. We're happy to waive this administration fee if you take up a 12, 24 or 36 month supply term contract with us.

Additions, Alterations & Cancellations of Electricity Supply

Momentum Energy will pass on the distributor's relevant fees for all additions, alterations and abolishment of supply where applicable. Momentum Energy also charges an administration fee of $33 to process any of these changes to your account.

Solar Grid Connections

Momentum Energy will pass on the distributor's relevant fees for all solar grid connections where applicable, however we do not charge an administration fee for processing solar grid connections.

Cheque dishonour payment fee

A flat rate $9.50 (GST exempt) fee may apply if your cheque payment is dishonoured or reversed.

Disconnection Fees (GST Incl)

Reconnection fee - when you are moving into a property. Standard fee quoted for Next Business Day only.
Disconnection fee - when you are vacating a property.

For same day and after hours reconnections or more information about fees, please call us on 1300 662 778 or visit your local distributor's website for full list of fees.

Victoria: electricity fees (business)

Full price list
Site Visit FeeRemote Fee

Full Price List
Site Visit FeeRemote Fee

Full price list
Site Visit FeeRemote Fee

Ausnet Services
Full price list
Site Visit FeeRemote Fee

United Energy
Full price list
Site Visit FeeRemote Fee

Victoria: gas fees (business)

Australian Gas Networks
Full price list
Site Visit Fee
Move-In Read (Metropolitan)$10.12
Move-Out Read (Metropolitan)$10.12
Move-In Read (Non Metropolitan)$13.86
Move-Out Read (Non Metropolitan)$13.86

Multinet Gas
Full price list
Site Visit Fee
Move-In Read$7.35
Move-Out Read$7.35

AusNet Services Gas
Full price list
Site Visit Fee
Move-In Read$10.16
Move-Out Read$10.16

New South Wales: electricity fees (business)

Full Price List
Site Visit Fee
Disconnection (Remove Fuse)$166.55
Special Read Fee$12.24

Endeavour Energy
Full Price List
Site Visit Fee
Special Read Fee$41.64

Essential Energy
Full Price List
Site Visit Fee
Special Read Fee$19.29

South Australia: electricity fees (business)

SA Power Networks
Full Price List
Site Visit Fee
Special Read Fee$16.50

Queensland: electricity fees (business)

Energex Full Price ListSite Visit Fee
Special Read Fee$9.23

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