Creative ways to save energy (September)

Here are 70 creative and fun ideas to save energy. There'll surely be something in here to inspire you to save energy and save you money.

You recently shared over 2500 wonderful ways that you creatively save energy to save money. Because our energy comes from wind and rain, Momentum Energy believes in a more sustainable future and the simple ways that each and every one of us can save energy, save money and in turn, live more sustainably.

  • In summer, we have 2 water tanks and what happens is underneath them we have this felt like sheet of material and windows. You open up the windows and turn the water pump on so the water dribbles though the material and the sea breeze blows though it creating a cool breeze that blows through our house and the water just keeps being reused.

  • I recently convinced my boss to replace the workshop high bay lights with energy efficient LED alternatives. This, along with installing clear roof sheets has cut our power bill in half and minimised our organisation’s carbon footprint.

  • Home Automation. Controlling and managing your energy requirements based on schedule, a system of sensors and using a central hub that learns your energy requirements. I am working on a DIY project myself and winning this smart watch would become an active part of my home automation system.

  • I made my own liquid solar blanket for the swimming pool from stearyl-alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. The effect is that I no longer need to fill the pool with ‘top up’ water and the pool is 3 degrees warmer, so I do not need to run my solar heater. Replacing a traditional solar blanket is expensive and taking it off each time dumps dirt into the pool. So it allows you to enjoy looking at the pool all year round without worrying about power consumption.

  • Get a Tesla Powerwall whoop whoop!

  • My wife and I took up ballroom dancing last winter to keep warm. We dance each night when we get home from work to warm up our house and our souls.

  • We split our solar panels so they sit on the north and west of the roof. That way, they can support my low energy needs right through the day, without having to draw on the grid.

  • Home automation – a device should recognise when it is not being used, and disconnect from the power, saving energy on standby, but still be easy to switch back on when it is needed.

  • Turning it into a competition with our neighbour. Whoever has the least expensive energy bill by the end of quarter wins. Dinner is the losers shout!

  • We are not on town water so when we built the house we put the water tank up high so we didn’t need to have a water pressure pump and have to pay for the electricity it uses.

  • Show your family the current energy bill. Then, help them identify a few things they can do to reduce that energy usage.  Use the money you save each month to provide a reward.  Let your family rent movies or get a pizza.

  • To save electricity in the garden we painted different sized rocks with glow in the dark paint. So during the day while the sun shines it activates the paint and at night time you have a beautiful ambient light glowing in the garden. We also created some garden mobiles and placed them in the trees.

  • I’ve connected our broadband router to a wireless energy saver unit that I can turn on and off from my phone. It’s my “teen tamer.”

  • This when it gets delivered Solar Puff Light

  • I have “date night” with my housemates once a week where we turn off all devices, use candles instead of lights and only eat cheese and drink wine. Our energy bill has gone down considerably and we love doing it every week!

  • Install stand-alone battery backup solar system, totally off grid.

  • The best way I save energy, was to install a Nest thermostat, which allows me to set a maximum heating level in the house, so that little fingers can’t turn it above my set maximum. Saving me power and gas.

  • Track your usage with applications – Wattulator and Leafully are two apps that help you track energy. If you’re more of the mathematics/numbers type of person, then Wattulator is your app of choice. If you’re more into user experience and want to learn how to take part in more green activities, Leafully will work better for you.

  • Have an energy auditor come into your home. They will point out the biggest problem areas and suggest affordable ways to repair them.

  • We don’t make our kids pay board. We make them pay the bills. Works a treat, they are the ones asking us if we really need the heater on. Best way to educate them before they fly the nest.

  • I run our water bore on a timer, so that the animals and gardens are watered for a set period of time… and no longer.

  • Draught-proofing is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to save energy, seal windows and doors. Turning your heating down by 1C, turning lights off when you are not in a room, turning power switches off at the wall when not in use, filling your washing machine for every load, boiling only the water you intend to use when you boil a kettle. Replace traditional light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Get shower savvy and reduce the amount of water delivered from taps and shower heads, save on your water bill and on the energy required to heat your water.

  • Combined with using eco-friendly light bulbs and solar panels, I have a meter which allows me to control the brightness of all lights in the house and observe just how much energy I am using.

  • When I make coffee on a sunny day, I use a Fresnel lens to boil the water in my stovetop espresso maker. No energy, delicious coffee!!

  • All appliances that consume energy whilst in standby mode should be plugged into an extension cord. 1 button turns off all these thereby saving energy and $$. You can now buy extension cords that can be switched on/off using an app on your phone

  • Buy a halogen oven. It can roast a chicken in 30 minutes. A halogen oven uses 75% less electricity than a conventional electric oven. When you combine this lower use of power with the 50% faster cooking time you are can see a big reduction in your electricity bill.

  • In winter, I use the heater instead of a dryer to help drying the clothes. It increases the humidity as well.

  • I have a bar fridge outside which I only use when entertaining guests one or two days a month. It was very difficult to get behind the fridge to turn off the power when it wasn’t being used. So I purchased a WIFI controlled power socket for it and can now turn the fridge on and off via my iPhone. Now it’s only on when I need it and saving around 28 days of the electricity it would have otherwise used in a month!

  • We got a shower radio and have a rule you can only listen to two full songs and then you have to get out it manages shower times but in a fun way.

  • My most creative way of saving energy is having a sensor and time system running in the house where it will detect if something is using power or not, and open and close the plug accordingly.

  • I donated my tumble dryer to charity last year. I was sick of all the fluff and humidity, not to mention the cost of running the appliance. Now in the wetter months, I hang my washing up on hangers, mostly from bookcases and door lintels, the former making for fun hiding spots for the two house cats. Often I’ll see a random paw take a swipe at the dogs as they pass by totally oblivious, of course!

  • Utilise heat from cooking gas and other household electronic devices for room heating/ water heating. Provide simple room heater technology kits (Flower Pot Heater) for marketing the brand, so your customers can use without paying heavy electricity bills and it shows you care.

  • I believe saving energy is one of the most important and neglected issues faced today by many households. People believe that placing energy efficient equipment in their homes will make the layout of the house look “unflattering” or “boring”. However, this is certainly not the case. Decorating your home is as simple as 1, 2 & 3, and it starts from just simply making your abode look cooler. For example, hanging light coloured curtains in your rooms and also using light coloured paint on walls and ceilings will not only allow the natural sunlight inside, but the paint will also reflect heat in the summer, keeping your home as cool as can be!

  • I have an exercise bike connected to a generator in the living room, and get your kids to ride it, if they want to watch TV

  • PHILIPS energy saving LED lights,
    Touch my iWatch and bulb ignites.
    With just one tap,
    Of PHILIPS app,
    Never a dull ‘MOMENT-um’, only colourful nights!

  • I love cooking. Well, the truth is I love food (cooking being the means to the food). Unfortunately, cooking can be one of the biggest energy consuming activities there is. To conserve energy, my wife and I are conscious of this; more means less. 1. We cook more meals in the oven at the same time, so that we have to use it less. By cooking a number of meals, we don’t have to worry about turning on the oven so much. The added bonus is we save time by having our meals already prepped! 2. Keeping the fridge and freezer full actually uses less energy too! We already knew that more food is better than less food… now there’s another reason!

  • I save energy by applying occupancy sensors to all of my lights. So if i forget to turn off a light, after a certain period of time with no movement in the room the sensor will turn the light off.

  • Re-roofed the house including roof insulation then added solar panels and now use appliances during sunlight hours so solar inputs offset use by appliances.

  • I have a hose connected to my washing machine so the garden gets watered, I also have heaps of solar lights in the garden so I don’t have to use the outdoor lights

  • Installed a smart system so I can cut power and turn off lights at certain times and when people are using to something for too long!

  • We have sensor lighting in the office. If you are not in the room the lights will not be on

  • Use a GEO-fencing device that turns off your devices when you are 50 metres away from your house. When you return at 50 metres they come back on again.

  • Seal doors and windows with caulk, weather stripping and plastic film. An investment of $50 in weatherising supplies can reduce heating costs by two to three times that much.

  • Vacuum refrigerator coils twice yearly to keep the compressor running efficiently for reduced energy usage.

  • Burning wood to warm the house and use of solar panels for electricity. Intelligent whitegoods that delay the start during low peak hours.

  • “No bones about it, it’s time to give those messy fracking fossil fuels the flick, and find ways to collect biogas as manual cowpat recovery would soon get old quick!
    • Each new residential area should consider multiple ways to energy save, with LED street and house lights leading the greener wave.

    • Rammed earth walls, insulation, solar panels, water tanks, tinting, super batteries, EMR scavenging, fusion, thermal, fission, wind, water, tidal, braking vehicles, even trees and humans…the list goes on and on of clever use and design, but for a feasible and clean output still on we do pine.

    • Our planet won’t last forever so let’s not speed things up, and get on with the antimatter propulsion already, c’arn Scotty beam us up!

  • Save energy by having timed heating so that it comes on 5 minutes before you get home instead of pumping it full blast when you walk in the door

  • Get the kids to pay the bills; they get to keep what is under the budget. Do that for a while, you’ll see shorter showers, lower heater settings, doors being closed and windows being shut when they are on. Educate your kids to be energy conscious. You will start saving. Otherwise, kick them out… ha

  • My mother and I have saved money on cooking by creating an environmentally friendly energy saving oven. We fill a heavy cast iron pot with vegetables, herbs and spices and put it on the stove for 5 minutes until it’s really hot. We then place it into our enviro oven which is made from a box very tightly packed with shredded paper and then a layer of blankets. The pot is covered with more paper and blankets. This is incredibly effective at insulating the pot and allows the vegetables to slow cook for hours with residual heat from the stove rather than having to use electricity from the stove or electric slow cookers for hours. It’s very effective and the meal comes out really hot. It’s astounding how hot the pot remains throughout the day and just how much steam comes out when you open it. We use it for camping or travel, or long busy days when you want a warm meal ready when you come home.

  • If you want to save a lot of energy always unplug any home electronics if you are not using them because although they are off they still use a fair amount of electricity. Also try as much as possible to buy things that would use less energy, consider using Solar Panels or if you get a new computer get a laptop and always look for “Energy Star” qualified TVs and other household items. You will also save a lot of money.

  • Heat dinner plates by using them as a vegetable steamer lid for 30 secs. Oh yeah!

  • Take advantage of the rebates on offer for swapping those down lights out for LED, they use 10% of the power! Also, water saving shower heads won’t just save water, they will save power by using less hot water from the system!

  • My most creative way of saving Energy would be by simply adding a few more solar panels and turbines to help generate more electricity. As the sun shines and wind blows we will always have electricity.

  • Installing LED lighting and sensors to switch off the lighting in rooms when there is no movement also smart lighting and power points where you can control on-off or via a remote or smartphone application on a phone or even the NEW apple watch.

  • Often, the major vampire power culprits are computers, chargers for cell phones or other electronics and television sets, and these can account for a huge portion of the energy bill when they’re left on at night or when not in use. We ensure to switch any unused devices off completely when they’re not in use (including the ducted heating at night) to ensure our devices do not continue sucking power when they’re not in use. Also, we regularly prefer an energy efficient dishwasher (often filling one load a day) that runs before we go to bed. To complete these habits, we plant our own veggies throughout the year and rely on watering our plants and veggies from our water tank and recycled water accumulated throughout the home.

  • Displace the water in the cistern of a toilet with a plastic bottle filled with sand/rocks to reduce water consumption.

  • 2 minutes showers,
    Use blankets when it’s cold rather than turn on heaters,
    Seal windows and doors frames to keep the place warm,
    Have lights on only in the room am in,
    Buy long lasting light bulbs,
    Don’t have curtains in my house so i get to use natural light and save energy

  • An aquaponics system. This is where you have a fish pond and the water from the fish pond circulates through a garden bed. The nutrients from the water feed the plants and the plants clean the water, leaving the fish to live in a healthy environment. The end product is fresh fruit and a fish to eat.

  • Set the outside lights on a motion sensor

  • Solar LED all around the garden. Charge a battery pack using solar during the day, then use it to charge phone at light. Solar power FTW.

  • We have a family ‘no’ electricity night. We all go outside and sit around the fire, cook and tell stories. It’s a perfect way to save electricity as well as to create lasting memories with the family.

  • I have a Wattson Energy Monitor and can instantly see when too much energy is used and which household gadget is at fault.

  • Hook up the exercise bike to the electric generator and generate power and be fit at the same time.

  • Perspex sheets held on by magnetic strips around windows for a cheap but effective double glazing! Helps keep the house toasty for longer!

  • Unplugging electronics when not in use
    switching to energy-efficient light bulbs
    washing clothing in cold water and only doing full loads taking shorter
    less hot showers turning off the faucet when brushing teeth

  • Collect kinetic energy off car and other vehicle wheels by fitting alloys that can link up to a battery, creating an electric car that would hardly need to be charged

  • Now that its winter and we have a log fire, not only do we save energy on heating but we make yummy casseroles in a camp oven sitting atop our fireplace

  • Using natural sunlight to thaw out frozen meat instead of using the microwave

  • I regularly sit in the dark to heighten my superhero night vision

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