Here's how:

  1. Find a friend. In fact, find lots of friends. Friends of friends. Poach your mum’s friends. Really spread that love around. As long as they don’t share the same address as you, all the friends that you get to sign up for electricity with Momentum will get a $50 (GST inc.) credit on their bill. And so will you for every. single. friend.
  2. Give them your account number. You can email them, text them, or send it via courier pigeon. Whatever works for you and your mate, works for us.
  3. Take a load off. You’ve done a good deed and you deserve to take it easy.

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Momentum Energy Refer a friend

Momentum Friend refer

Did your friend just refer you to Momentum?

Hot dawg, if you aren’t a lucky so-and-so. Now you’ve got your friend’s account number in your hot little hand, all you need to do is sign up. You can do this online by entering the account number into the box provided in the sign-up form; or give our team a call and tell it to them over the phone. They’ll take it from there and you’ll be laughing.

Once you’re all up and running, you too, can refer a friend (or heaps of them). It’s a big, beautiful cycle of being referred and referring. What a time to be alive.

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How does the Refer a Friend program work?

It’s all pretty straight forward. If you’re a Momentum customer, you can refer a friend by sharing your account number with them. When they use it to sign up to get their electricity from us, you’ll both get $50 (GST inc.) off your bill. Nice.

If you’re not a Momentum customer, don’t let that hold you back! All you need to do is find a friend who is a Momentum customer. Use their account number when you sign up for electricity with us online and you’ll both score $50 (GST inc.) off your bill.

If my friend wants to connect their gas with Momentum, can we use the Refer a Friend program?

Not at the moment. The Refer a Friend program is only for when your friend signs up to get their electricity from Momentum.

Where do I sign up?

To join Momentum using your friend’s account number, head to our online sign-up page right here.

Where can I find my account number to share with my friend?

Your Momentum account number can be found on page one of your invoice, in the top right-hand corner. You’ll also find your account number on your MyAccount dashboard. Click here to log in.

How long until I get my credit?

If you’ve referred a friend to Momentum, your credit will appear on the first or second bill issued after your friend joins us. If you’ve just joined the party (it’s never too late), your credit will appear on the first or second invoice issued after you join Momentum.

How many friends can I refer to Momentum?

As many as you want (or have). You can share your account number with your friends, family, neighbours and the rest - the more the merrier as far as we’re concerned. For each friend who signs up for electricity with Momentum using your account number, you’ll receive $50 (GST inc.) credit off your bill. Now, that’s going to really add up.

Is Refer a Friend available if I transfer my electricity from my friend’s name to my name?

No. Refer a Friend is only available where the new address that you are signing up is different to your friend's address that is already signed up with us.

Who is able to participate in the Refer a Friend program?

All residential and SME customers with an electricity service in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales or the Energex distribution zone of Queensland.

I live in an Embedded Network. Can I participate in the Refer a Friend program?

Unfortunately, Embedded Network customers are not eligible to participate at this time.

Will I still receive the Refer a Friend credit if my friend closes or cancels their Momentum account after I sign up?

No. Both you and your friend's address need to remain active for at least 28 days after you complete the Refer a Friend.