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10 energy-related jokes your dad would make

Feel like a light-hearted joke?

That’s funny – you don’t look like one.

Before you read on, I should warn you that the rest of this article is similarly unfunny. You’re welcome to leave now, or do as I do and keep a few of these in your back pocket to use on children (or your enemies – up to you).


What do wind turbines think of renewable energy?

They’re big fans.

What’s a solar panel’s favourite type of exercise?


How does the kitchen say hello?

It microwaves.

What bank account does an LED lightbulb have?

An energy saver.

What do you call it when an electron cheats?

A Current Affair.

Why didn’t the LED lightbulb get top student?

The halogen was brighter.

Why do fridges make good illusionists?

They don’t move, but they’re always running.

How is the fish and chip shop owner good at saving energy?

She makes things battery.

Why are wireless appliances bad at music?

They don’t know any cords.

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