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Bills may be going up. Let’s help keep them down.

COVID-19 has changed (*gestures broadly at 2020*) pretty much everything, including the amount of energy we’re using.

Now we're spending more time at home, our heaters, computers and TVs may be working an extra 40 hours a week - not to mention those second fridges some of us bought to stock up on food. It all adds up.

On average, we’ve seen usage increase by 15% since mid-March.

And about 1 in 10 customers have upped their energy usage by a whopping 65% or more. Ouch. It’s pretty clear the average bill will be higher than usual right now.

I asked my mates about this (from a COVID-safe distance) and while around the vast majority are quite sure a big bill is coming their way, hardly any are actively doing something to prevent it. That's weird, right? Is it because they don’t know what to do? Maybe. So here’s...

How to use less energy (without feeling like you're living in 1870).

Everyone’s different – some folk wouldn’t be caught dead using a door snake, others would proudly knit their own – but whatever your non-negotiables there’s bound to be some ideas in these posts that suit your household and lifestyle:

What if that’s not enough?

Say you’ve tried cutting down your energy use, but you’re still facing a bill you’re uncomfortable with.

Don’t panic. We’re here to help. (And if you're with another supplier, check in with them.)

Momentum has various flexible payment options available. From switching to smaller, more regular payments to getting more serious help, you can find out about your options here. Some can even be set up immediately through MyAccount.

And here’s the bottom line: Momentum won’t leave you high and dry during this crisis. We won’t disconnect any household or small business that lets us know they’re in financial distress because of COVID-19. But all of us need to do what we can to help make this manageable for everyone.

PS. Also remember that if you’re working from home because of COVID-19, there may be tax deductions you can claim for heating, cooling and lighting.

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