We keep it simple,
and do good things.

Energy can be confusing, and it shouldn’t be. So our goal is to make it better, with clear bills, plain English and simple residential electricity and gas rates.

With us, you’re part of something bigger too. Being owned by the country’s largest renewable generator means our growth supports Australia’s renewable future.

Home energy

Australian owned & operated

Power from your home team.

We’re a homegrown company getting power to 250,000+ people across Australia. Every year they use around 1.6 billion kWh of electricity. (Enough for 32 billion slices of Vegemite toast, for context.)

Whatever you use your home energy for, choosing us means your money goes to an Australian company. Because we’re owned by Aussies, and we’re based here too.

Check electricity and gas prices.

Simple home energy rates
Keep it simple.

We won’t make you jump through hoops to check our prices, bamboozle you with industry jargon or keep any fees hidden.

Gas and electricity prices
Life happens. We get it.

Sometimes you have to pay a couple of days late, or maybe you need to leave your contract early. If you do, you won’t cop a fee for it.

100% Aussie owned
100% Aussie owned.

With call centres here too. Which means we’re never too far away if you need us, and you'll be supporting Australian jobs.

Do I need to be at home for my electricity connection?

If your meter is inside the property or if you're in NSW and the power has been disconnected, you'll definitely need to be at home for your connection.

If you expect to be away from the property the day of your connection, make sure ahead of time that your meter is accessible or can be read remotely.

How long will it take to connect my electricity or gas?

We'll try to connect your electricity on the date you request, so long as there's no issue accessing your meter and it's been switched off at the main switch.

In normal circumstances, your gas supply will be left on between tenants, unless it was disconnected when the previous tenant was there. If that's the case, we'll notify the distributor and they should reconnect it within 48 hours.

How do I sign up for gas or electricity or switch energy supplier?

If you’re switching or just signing up, you can do it online or give us a call us on 1800 627 228. Once we’ve got your go-ahead, we’ll handle the break up with your old company.