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Home electricity and gas made easy.

It’s energy, not rocket science. So we focus on making the good stuff simple:

  • TickAward-winning call centres in Melbourne and Tassie
  • TickBills so clear they win awards (yup, that’s a thing)
  • TickRenewable promiseFor every bit of electricity you use, the same amount of renewable energy is added to the grid. on most plans

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Home electricity and gas

Business energy (with a human touch).

Whatever your business, you need a reliable power company. So what’s good about doing business with us?

  • TickA track record of accurate, on-time bills
  • TickAward-winning Aussie call centres
  • TickOur parent company is Australia’s largest renewable energy generator – so you’re supporting a sustainable future

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Business electricity and gas

New digs? Easy. Let’s get you connected.

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, it only takes a few minutes to organise your move. Just tell us where you’re moving and when, and we’ll handle the rest.

  • TickGet connected from as soon as the next business day
  • TickStandard connection fees waivedStandard fees don’t include anything your distributor charges for after-hours or same-day connections, connecting new estates, or addresses where electricity hasn’t been connected for 12 months or more. In all those cases, special connection fees apply. with Move Mate Electricity (VIC only)
  • TickAward-winning Aussie call centres

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Solar energy just got a little brighter.

Got solar in Victoria? If you choose Solar Step-Up, we promise you’ll get more than the Victorian Government minimum solar feed-in tariff until at least June 2021.

  • Tick13.5¢ total feed-in tariff
  • TickSupport Aussie renewables – our parent company is Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy
  • TickAward-winning Aussie call centres

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Solar energy

If you need a second opinion, we know some good ones.

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