What’s the average business electricity bill?

Average Business Electricity bill

From mechanics to milk bars, every business has energy bills in common. But working out if you’re paying the right amount for your energy isn’t as simple as asking the shop next door – businesses are different, and so is their energy use.

This makes it impossible to say exactly what the average small business electricity bill in Australia looks like – but there are still a few ways to get a sense of how yours stacks up.

Dust off your records

You might’ve heard that energy prices have come down in the last few years – the ACCC found that the drop has been about 10% for small business from 2019 to 2021, thanks to lower wholesale costs and smaller retail margins. The average cost of business electricity in the National Electricity Market (NEM) – that’s SA, VIC, NSW, ACT, and QLD – was 26.2¢/kWh for small to medium businesses.

If you’ve got some bills from the last few years, take a look at how your prices have changed and if they’re consistent with those trends. The things to look out for and compare are the supply charge (the fixed daily charge) and usage charge (the amount you pay per kWh of electricity you use).

Try the Small Business Energy Check

The Australian Government started an initiative where small businesses could share their energy spend while also providing extra details about their size and industry, to put their costs in context.

You can access the database by contributing information from your own business. Once you do, you’ll be able to see what other businesses like yours are spending.

Learn more about Small Business Energy Check.

Check prices regularly

Power prices are based on a lot of moving parts: wholesale prices, network charges, environmental fees and retailer costs all make up the whole. Power companies change their market offers every so often in response to these changing costs. So even if you’re on the best deal now, something even better might pop up down the track.

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