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Renewable energy

Momentum Energy is proudly owned by Australia's largest generator of renewable energy, Hydro Tasmania.


We call our Energy Bundle SmilePower. By choosing SmilePower we aren't suggesting you receive renewable energy to your home or business, but we do promise that any profits we make go back into maintaining Hydro Tasmania's renewable energy future, which should give you something to smile about.

Momentum Energy will ensure that Hydro Tasmania or another electricity generator generates an equivalent amount of Renewable Energy in the National Electricity Market within the same calendar year that we bill you for your purchase of SmilePower.

What's the difference?

Wind, solar and hydro generators built before 1997 are renewable resources that produce renewable energy, but are not part of the GreenPower program. This means SmilePower can't be considered GreenPower, because it comes from the systems that have been powering Tasmania for the past hundred years.

To learn more about saving energy, read our energy saving tips. Also, check out our renewable energy blog posts.

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Momentum is a 100% Australian owned & operated energy company


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Canstar Blue Award - Most Satisfied Customers Natural Gas 2018
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