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GreenPower: Supporting renewable green energy

Buying GreenPower means you are supporting modern renewable green energy generation from 1997 onwards. Although renewable energy generators built before this time produce renewable energy, they're not part of the GreenPower Program.

What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is the only voluntary government accredited program that enables your electricity provider to purchase renewable energy on your behalf. Green Power guarantees that the renewable electricity you buy from energy suppliers meets stringent environmental standards. Importantly, this renewable energy is in addition to the amount of renewable energy already in the grid.

When you're part of the GreenPower community, as well as reducing your impact on the environment, you're helping to support Australia's renewable energy sector. GreenPower customers are responsible for investing more than $660 million back into Australia's renewable energy industry since 2009.

How can I purchase GreenPower?

Residential and business customers can take up a GreenPower product in conjunction with their chosen electricity plan.

GreenPower is an additional charge to your standard electricity charges. GreenPower charges go towards supporting completely new renewable energy infrastructure for the grid.

You can choose what percentage of GreenPower (10%, 20%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) you would like to add to your Momentum Energy Plan. By purchasing GreenPower, households and businesses commit Momentum to purchasing the equivalent amount of electricity from accredited renewable energy generators, which generate electricity from sources like wind, solar, water and bioenergy.

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