woman sitting in chair reading energy bill

5 stars for everything but modesty

Some people graciously accept an award while mumbling ‘aw shucks, you shouldn’t have’. We’re not those people. And this isn’t that kind of award.

We’re telling anybody with ears that we just won Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers for Australian electricity and gas. If you’re getting déjà vu, you may have read about our other Canstar Blue win a few months ago. (Yes, we’re trying to make a habit of this.)

The really cool thing about this Canstar Blue award is that it’s not based on experts giving academic opinions - it’s based on customers giving warts-and-all reviews about their actual experiences.

In 2019, our customers gave us 5-stars across the board.

★★★★★    Overall satisfaction

★★★★★     Value for money

★★★★★     Bill & cost clarity

★★★★★     Customer service

★★★★★     Environmental sustainability

★★★★★     Online tools and advice

★★★★★     Ease of sign-up

Yep, 5-stars for every attribute. All of ‘em. And we’re not sure whether to be proud or alarmed, but no other energy company in the national gas and electricity category scored a single 5-star rating for, uh, anything. So this wasn’t a polite, golf-clap, won-by-a-nose kind of victory. This was a slam-dunk, crowd-goes-wild, run-around-the-field-with-your-t-shirt-over-your-head kind of win.

Bottom line, we couldn’t be prouder of our staff or more thankful to our customers.

And if you’re not in either of those categories yet, join us while we’re on a roll.

Sign up and see why customers give us 5-stars.

Who is Canstar Blue?

Canstar Blue is a consumer review and comparison website set up to help Aussies make better-informed purchase decisions. Each year, they use respected market research companies to survey Australians about their experiences with energy companies, so the ratings are unbiased and come straight from customers of the brands they rank.

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